Dead Rising 4 Achievements

Dec 06, 2016  Dead Rising 4 features the return of Frank West. The game is set in a Christmas-themed Willamette, Colorado. This guide lists the Xbox Achievements to accomplish in order to score the Gamerscore points.

Dead Rising 4 features a totally insane achievement tasking our favorite photojournalist Frank West to kill a grand total of 100,004 zombies. That’s going to take a lot of zombie killing, and you’ll earn a pretty big chunk of that number as you complete the main campaign. If you’re looking to earn tons of easy PP (XP) and scrap (cash), or just work toward that achievement — we’ve got a few methods you might want to try.

These zombie farming strategies are built around one simple principle — killing thousands of zombies as quickly as possible. Thanks to the new Exo Suit upgrade, Frank West doesn’t even need a souped-up vehicle to get the job done. A quick checkpoint and reload later, and you can begin slaughtering hundreds of zombies even faster, all while earning PP and scrap. The higher your multiplier, the more points you’ll earn. It’s win-win for you, and lose-lose for the undead hordes.

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How To Get Zombie Kills Fast Easy PP Farming Guide

Note: Farming does not require any unlocked blueprints or special skills.

There are plenty of ways to kill zombies, but only a few places where you can easily kill thousands of zombies in only a few minutes. Check out these PP / scrap farming strategies to earn Level 100 in no time, or get all the scrap you’ll ever need.

Method #1: Vacuum-Upgraded Exo Suit Slaugher

With this method, you’ll be able to kill 1200+ zombies every 5-8 minutes. Keep your zombie score multiplier running to get bonus PP and scrap for hitting milestones.

  1. Go to the church in southeastern West Ridge. This area is overrun with giant hordes of zombies.
  2. Near the steps, there is a military platform with an Exo Suit. Grab it.
  3. Get the Vacuum Upgrade in the Exo Suit to the left of the stairs.
  4. Go nuts! Circle the church and blast zombies. This can easily earn 1200+ zombie kills before the power runs out.
  5. When the power runs out, get in the nearby van and drive to the bridge connecting West Ridge to Old Town. This will activate a checkpoint.
  6. When a checkpoint is activated, everything in the area will be reset. Return to the church in West Ridge and collect the Exo Suit + Vacuum Upgrade again.

That’s all it takes. There’s even a survivor event nearby if you’re looking to increase your West Ridge Emergency Shelter level.

Method #2: Sling Rot Rampage

Instead of using the Exo Suit, we’re going to use the Sling Rot vehicle blueprint for this farming method. The Sling Rot blueprint is located on the church steps, southeast from the Old Town Emergency Shelter. Grab the blueprint, and you’ll find the necessary vehicle combo in the parking lot nearby.

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It helps if you unlock all the vehicle-related skills in the Brawling tab.

  1. Once you collect the Sling Rog vehicle combo blueprint from the church in Old Town, combine the vehicles at the front of the church on the road.
  2. Circle around Old Town, using the flamethrowers when you can. Don’t even bother sucking up / launching zombies — running them over will do.
  3. That’s all there is to it. Drive toward Willamette Mall to get a checkpoint when the vehicle is getting weak to reset all the items / vehicles in Old Town.
  4. Return to the church and get another Sling Rot to continue the pain train.

Keep going as long as you want. Using this combo, you can go on indefinitely — but you’ll need some levels in Frank West to get the last skill upgrade tiers.

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Much like the Zombrex posters from the second game in the series, the return of Frank West in Dead Rising 4 sees more wall art to hunt down for all you completionists!

This time around you need to find a series of zombie graffiti tags left on walls and bathroom stall doors across the Willamette Memorial Megaplex. Every five tags you properly photograph nets you some bonus PP, so its worth hunting 'em all down.

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Zombie Tag 1

This tag is in the Amazon Food Court area and is found by heading into the back section of the Mamma Supina restaurant.

Zombie Tag 2

Cubelands. By the mall emergency shelter in the small tunnel near the center of the Willamette Memorial Megaplex, you can find this tag in a side room on the wall by some boxes.

Zombie Tag 3

Inside the Virago Hotel, head up the left spiral staircase in the entrance room and then out onto the awnings where you can see out on the area below with the windows on your left. The tag is at the far end of the path on the wall.

Zombie Tag 4

After grabbing the last tag, go up the right spiral staircase in the entrance Virago Hotel room, then go up the shorter staircase to a long hallway filled with hotel rooms on either side.

Head inside the open door on the left side far down the hallway (marked as the Virago Standard Room on your map). The tag is in the back of the room to the right side.

Zombie Tag 5

At the Miami Boardwalk, jump up the gigantic orange stairs in front of the broken chain wall so that you can run along a ledge. Take a right and run all the way until you have to jump over a small fence, then keep going until you have to jump over a second fence.

Just ahead is an open window you can jump inside. On the far left end of the room you can find this zombie graffiti tag.

Zombie Tag 6

Also at the Miami Boardwalk, go into the Rhiannon Ferosh store and check the stock room on the left side. The tag is on the wall behind the door.

Zombie Tag 7

In Caribbean Cove, go around behind the giant red pirate ship to find a small door offering entrance to the ship's interior. Take a left and you'll see the tag inside the dressing room straight ahead.

Zombie Tag 8

Also in Caribbean Cove, head over to the area to the left of the giant pirate ship and run up the short yellow steps into the door marked 'No Public Access.' Run up the five flights of stairs and go out the door, then turn right to see the tag on the wall.

Zombie Tag 9

After the last tag, go back down to the main area near the pirate ship. Facing away from the ship, go forward to the yellow walled area marked 'Guest Services.'

Run up the staircase to the right of the sign, then turn right and jump up on the ledge. Move forward along the ledge until you can go into an open window on your left to find this tag.

Zombie Tag 10

In Caribbean Cove head to the White Rook Protection store. Turn right into the side room to find the tag next to some filing cabinets.

Zombie Tag 11

On the far east edge of Caribbean Cove is a hallway with a North Pole Town sign on the wall. Just after the sign, go inside the bathroom to your right and you will see the tag on the stall door at the end.

Zombie Tag 12

At the southeastern area of Caribbean Cove is an escalator right by a map directory sign. Head down the escalator and then go forward through the exit doors. The tag is just to the right of the doors.

Zombie Tag 13

Travel to Kiichiro Plaza and look for the Kuan's Bubble Tea store. Go down the hallway just next to the store and enter the Employee's Only door to your left. The tag is on the wall on the left side after walking forward through the door.

Zombie Tag 14

In Kiichiro Plaza go inside the Oh-San's Sun & Moon Sushi shop to find this tag in the back of the store.

Zombie Tag 15

In Kiichiro Plaza, head up the stairs inbetween the two red blob face signs. At the top of the stairs by the Zen sign, turn around to see a lit sign on the wall. It's hard to see because of the lighting, but the tag is actually on the first sign and it will become visible when you pull out your camera.

Zombie Tag 16

In Central Plaza head down the bathroom hallway and enter the women's bathroom on the left side. The tag is on the wall opposite the line of stalls.

Zombie Tag 17

In the north end of the Willamette Memorial Megaplex (just before Medieval Town), head inside the Keetos Mountain Equipment store. The tag is in the back through the Employees Only door.

Zombie Tag 18

Head to the Colombian Roastmasters coffee house in the Willamette Memorial Megaplex and go through the door into the stock room to find this tag on the left wall by the giant fridge and counter.

Zombie Tag 19

Head over to the Spa Afrodisia store and go down the left hallway with the broken mirrors to find this tag on the left side wall.

Zombie Tag 20

In the Medieval Town section, head up the stairs next to Baron Von Brauthaus, but instead of going all the way up, turn left at the first landing and jump up the hay bales to reach a ledge. Run forward and then jump the gap through an open window to find this tag at the far side wall.

Zombie Tag 21

From the previous graffiti tag, jump out the window to the left of the tag and go forward, jumping over three more gaps. Go through the broken stained glass window and turn left to run down a stone hallway. At the end of the hallway turn left and go onto a new ledge.

Jump over the wood barrier at the end of the ledge and head inside the window on your right. Jump through another window at the end of the room for, you guessed it, yet another ledge. This time you're at the end though, as the tag is on the wall to your right.

Zombie Tag 22

At the south end of Medieval Town / north end of Central Plaza, head inside the Alessandro Dante store. The tag is inside the dressing room section in the far room on the right side.

Zombie Tag 23

In Central Plaza, go to the North Pole Town Square. The tag is on the back side of the small green building marked 'North Pole' in the center of the area.

Zombie Tag 24

Also in Central Plaza, go to the McQueen Portrait Studio and check the back room to find this tag on the wall.

Zombie Tag 25

Head to the west side of Central Plaza and go up the escalators to the second floor. From the top of the escalator, you can see this tag on the far wall to your left (if you are going up) next to a Santa's sleigh display.

That's every single tag we've found so far - let us know if you come across any others we should add to the list!