Darkfall Online Gameplay

Contents HistoryIn early August 2001, Razorwax announced the development of Darkfall and launched its official website. The Razorwax development team consisted of five members:. Claus Grovdal (Lead Design and Producer). Ricki Sickenger (Lead Tools and Game Logic Programmer).

There are many games out there that I'd go ahead and call 'special'. Independently-run MMO Darkfall Online is certainly special - special in.

Henning Ludvigsen (Art Director). Kjetil Helland (Lead 3D/Client Programmer). Erik Sperling Johansen (Lead Server Programmer)In October 2002, Aventurine S.A. Was founded in Greece. The Razorwax team was integrated into Aventurine, and five other developers from Norway were hired into the company. When the Razorwax team and the Aventurine team had their first meeting in Athens, a member of one of the teams joked that Razorwax should relocate from Norway to Greece due to the lower taxes and cost of living in Greece.

Eventually, the two teams realized that this idea actually made very good business sense, and by December 2002, the relocation of Razorwax was finalized. In the same year beta was announced and signups began.

After 6 months signups were closed and the original declaration of closed beta was retracted. Claims of beta about to start persisted even past the launch of the EU and NA servers.Tasos Flambouras (Associate Producer of Darkfall) stated in his July 9, 2004 status report that 'Darkfall is still in internal beta' due to delays in development.In September 2005 the signup for the closed clan beta began. But the planned beta of Q4 2005 was cancelled.Developers have stated that before the beta, they would release a gameplay video which they did in February 2006.Aventurine did not have a playable version of Darkfall available at E³ 2006.