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Simple.cos file updates might go overlooked, but this is one not to skip over. In most worlds, the fungi in the jungle terrarium quickly dies out when creatures begin to snack on the delicious food. Pirate Rob created an updated version of the fungi in Creatures 3 which spits out five seeds from each piece of fungi: Genius! I bred her with a very intelligent male 3rd Gen and here is Enjoy! HES FOUR MINUTES OLD AND A BREEDABLE ADULT. Idk how long he will live, but im exc.

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This set of breeds were created in the first few years of the Realm's existence (or slightly before). They lack some of the edits of my most recent breeds, though they can still be assumed to have the following:. Norns are completely CFE; Grendels and Ettins lack the ForF lobe edit but are CFE otherwise. These edits allow for smarter decisions and overall better survival rates than unaltered creatures. All species here have this set of edits. It ensures that they will not make it to breeding age unless they eat something (from birth, a creature with these edits lasts around 10 minutes before starving, compared to a normal norn's 30 minutes, and a normal grendel's/ettin's hour and a half). All species here have had their boredom-related instincts silenced.

Coupled with the CFE edits, this edit makes them more adaptable when it comes to preferences. The grendels have the pregancy problem fixed, as well as a reproductive system closer to that of a norn.

These guys are technically the third version of my Water Predators (V1 and V2 can be found at CU7). The core idea of the Water Predator, for those of you unfamiliar with the breed, was basically the standard C3 grendel made aquatic. The Hydrolisks add a few things onto that formula (namely, they have facial expressions, gender-specific coloring, and CFE edits), but they're still essentially aquatic Jungle Grendels. As such, keeping them around your norns is not advised.

Oh yeah, these guys can swim if you use the New Swimming Agent. Banshee HydrolisksLike the previous two versions, the Hydrolisks also have a variation based on Banshee Grendels. Generally speaking, the Banshee Water Predators are similar to the normal Water Predators in concept. However, they've always been able to obtain nutrition from hitting other creatures in addition to normal foodstuffs. The Banshee Hydrolisks have an optimized diet compared to their Water Predator ancestors - they usually won't eat seeds, etc. Because between norns and critters they have access to all the nutrition they need.

That said, they can still eat those things and benefit from them. The Banshee Hydrolisks also tend to be less angry than the previous versions, although that depends partly on how hungry they are.Besides that (and the gender-specific coloration and CFE edits that the Hydrolisks also recieved), they're aquatic Banshee Grendels who can swim with the New Swimming Agent. Norns beware.These guys were initially released alongside Past Seas during the CCSF 2011 - a full year behind the normal Hydrolisks. Lazy developer is lazy.The Banshee Hydrolisks also don't have the balanced biochemistry edits, for the same reasons as the normal Hydrolisks. Their most notable feature is that they'll follow smells and use elevators and doors from birth, which gives them an advantage over other creatures in an IQ test.

They also age slower than normal grendels do, meaning they have to survive for longer before they can breed. They are considerably less likely to get lonely than normal grendels are, but at the same time they also don't crowd quite as easily. They don't get angry anywhere near as easily as normal grendels, though they're still not going to be friendly towards norns most of the time. Finally, they cannot get homesick, and have instincts to use warp portals should they get crowded or overly pained. The Colorful Grendels were my sole breed release for the CCSF 2013.

They're also one of my simplest breeds; apart from the obvious color, they're based on the ChiChi genome with some edits to make them more grendel-like (e.g. They're more likely to start stealing eggs). Apart from that, their colors are less likely to go away as the generations go on.I plan on expanding this breed with more color varieties and sub-breeds as time goes on. Total recoil hacked game.

For that reason, they have their own page (click 'Download'). The Facticius Grendels of Minimordor, also known as the Forged, are a variant of Minisauron's. They are so named to reflect their history of being artificially enhanced as opposed to naturally bred like their ancestors were (the word 'Facticius' roughly means 'artificial' or 'man-made' in Latin). For the most part, they are similar to the Arimeides, although they also share a number of features with the (also made by Minisauron) and bring a few new features into the GoM gene pool (such as Vampess's CFE edits).

They are loners who dislike crowds, and they also are a bit aggressive (although they're still much calmer than hardmen). As a result, an overly crowded Twilight Norn is very likely to start beating the heck out of other nearby norns if he or she cannot get out of them (and sometimes even if he or she can). Twilight Norns are resistant to slapping, making this less of a problem among their own breed. Your other norns aren't likely to appreciate the behavior, though - so you might want to keep tabs on your twilights lest they start going on a killing spree. As their name suggests, these are aquatic chichi norns that wouldn't be out of place on a coral reef. When I say aquatic, I mean completely aquatic - they cannot breathe on land.

They gradually change colors as they age - the picture above shows their adult coloration; they start out with a more subdued purple hue. Beyond that, they supplement their diet with critters and bugs and are quite social. They cannot breed until adulthood (normal chichi norns can breed at youth). Pretty standard as far as aquatic breeds go, but they'll certainly liven up any ocean that they happen to make their home in.