Crazy Hedgehog Pics

I wanted to review this product as your average everyday pet owner. My kids got two Guinea pigs about 2 months ago and we had them in a large borrowed pet store type cage. They were small at the time and knew this cage would be temporary until we could find a better one. I do not have half a room to make a huge home made cage that many people have done and just wanted something that they could have more room in to move around, exerise and eat. After searching the internet I came across this Midwest cage and knew this was the cage for our pigs. I ordered through Amazon for about half the price($57) of a pet store cage and got it setup. I was so happy to see the size of the cage and knew how much more the pigs would like.

If you make a purchase, we may make earn a commission at no cost to you. Last Updated on June 19, 2018. 25 Funny and Adorable Hedgehog Pictures That. Hedgehogs wearing Santa hats is a totally different thing. #funny hedgehogs # funny christmas # hedgehogs photos # cute photos # aww # tiny hats # santa hats See more. Funny Hedgehog with Hat Wall Sticker East Urban Home Size: 67cm H x 92cm W x 0.02cm D.

This cage is awesome!! I put it together by myself, but could have done it easier and/or faster with another pair of hands. Really once you put the base together the rest is a cinch. I did make a slight modification, the ramp that goes from the lower box to the upper box was bent outward, my Guinea pigs couldn't or wouldn't go up it. Bent it the other way (bc it only hooks one way) then put it up and placed an old yogurt cup under it and now they zip up and down all 4 levels like its nothing. I'm so happy my 2 boys have plenty of room to run and play. They even save doing their 'business' for the bottom level where the bedding is.

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All the special goodies and treats are on the top layer and they eagerly run up to get them. Sleeping quarters.

Purchased the Jumbo Habitat as the new home for my son's new guinea pigs. Being a first time piggy owner, I figured going bigger would be a better bet then a starter cage.

I have zero experience in animal cages but I have to say, I was and am not disappointed by this cage. Had it assembled in about 10 minutes while following the simple directions. The balcony is the perfect place for food and under is the perfect hiding space for the piggies. I also like the deep plastic base. I don't think the piggies will be throwing out the bedding at all which is nice. They have taken to the cage very well. So far we love it.

This cage was extremely well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. I spent a lot of time unpacking it, but once I got all of the pieces out of the box, the cage itself was simple to put together. It is very durable and a good quality. There is only one safety clip for the front door (which works great). I honestly think there should be two. A hamster could easily climb upside down and push the top door open.

My Syrian hamster, Winnie, loves his new home. His 9” wheel fits on the top platform quite well, and I was able to put two different nests for him underneath, in addition to many different enrichment toys, and, of course, water bottles and food bowls. Although he uses the ramp, he would jump off at times (hence, the igloo is accessible for him to step down to, which he does. To give some background, I've had a total of 4 ferrets overall and have had 2 cages, one very long multifloored cage I bought on amazon for $70 and one large 1-floor cage. My multifloored cage broke after a couple years and kept the single floor one.

Crazy Hedgehog Pics

I recently bought a new ferret after the last of my initial trio passed away. I upgraded to the ferret nation cage after my new ferret broke through the old one story cage several times. Ive had ferret owners in the past tell me to just skip all other cages and to buy a ferret nation. At that time, years ago, it was almost $400 and far from my budget at the time.This time around I had some extra money and, in dire need of a new cage, I went ahead and ordered the ferret nation after I saw. We bought this cage as an add-on to our existing cage, which is similar. This one is better!

The wire floor grid is nice, the openings are big enough for their poo to fall below but not so big their feet are uncomfortable. Because of bunnies' anatomy it is easy for them to get their little butts right into the corner, so they can pee on the floor easily, but we solved that by putting their food dishes etc. In all the corners so it is harder for them to spill. The cage was fairly easy to assemble, works best with 2 people assembling it.

It rolls nicely on our carpet. There are medium-sized doors at the top and sides of the cage, plus the whole top can swing open also, which I really like. I saw someone bought this for guinea pigs, it might not be a good fit. I buy so much stuff that I don't usually write reviews. However, this is the biggest rabbit cage I've ever seen for use indoors. One thing mine don't much like is the ramps-even though I've attached carpeting material to them so their feet don't slip they still prefer to jump in.

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But it went together pretty easily and is big enough for all three of my house rabbits. I hardly ever keep them locked in cages; they are free to go in and out of their cages into a play area. I don't use bedding for mine; just newspaper and litter boxes with hay. Has anybody else used bedding? And if so, what was your experience with it? The sides are pretty high, so it looks like it's made to put bedding into it, and I'm thinking about putting some in so mine can get the experience of digging.

Sponsored Links ∇ sGeorge weighed 2.2kg 4.8lb when staff at the Wildlife Aid Centre inLeatherhead, Surrey, England, discovered him in a volunteer's garden. He was puton a high protein diet before starting a daily exercise regime, reports the BBC.He now weighs 1.7kg 3.7lb shedding 500g 1.1lb on the strict diet. BeckyBanning, General Manager at the Wildlife Aid Centre, said George had originallygrown overweight due to eating high fat foods intended for birds. She added,'Hedgehogs normally feed on whatever they find in the garden, so George waspicking up peanuts and bread. Now he's on a strict food regime, so he's fed catfood once a day in the evening, and no bread.

It's the hedgehog equivalent ofthe Atkins diet, and it's about keeping him away from the fat and giving himmore protein.' Staff at the Wildlife Aid Centre said the average adult hedgehog should weighbetween 600 and 700g 1.3 and 1.5lbs and they expect George to reach thatweight in 4 to 5 months. Here is a photographic comparison between an obese hedgehog and one of normalsize. You Couldn't Make It Up: Assault with a Prickly WeaponIt has come to our notice that a New Zealand man has been accused of assaultwith a prickly weapon: a hedgehog.Police allege that a 27 year old male picked up the hedgehog and threw it ata 15-year-old boy in the North Island east coast town of Whakatane.The youngster had a large red welt and several puncture marks, policecommented, but he was not badly hurt. Sadly the hedgehog was dead when itappeared in court. We do not know whether he was alive when the assault tookplace. Funny Animal Story for ChildrenWhen Harry Hedgehog was four months old and it was time for his first roadsafety lesson.

In the middle of the night Mum and Dad Hedgehog took him to thenearby A27 between Portchester and Fareham.' OK,' said Dad Hedgehog, 'you are to walk across the road as quickly as you canall the time looking out for headlights.' 'What do I do if I see headlights?' Inquired the young Harry.' You sit perfectly still in the middle of the lane,' instructed Dad Hedgehog,while Mum Hedgehog nodded wisely. 'That way the wheels pass by on either side ofyou.' Will and Guy speculate whether this blond / pink hedgehog (above) isreally the rare albino form (see below).

Or just a normal hedgehogwith a different coloured skin. Only 1 hedgehog in 12,000 is born witha mutant gene that results in no pigmentation.

If you think about the name hedge-hog, it tells you a great deal aboutthis animal. Hog - snout like a pig: hedge - where it roots about for slugsand snails. Hedgehogs are found in Europe, Asia and Africa. In some parts ofthe USA people have introduced the African Pygmy hedgehog, but it's not nativeto American, and hedgehogs are banned in California. For hedgehogs, smell is their primary sense, however hearing alsopays a large part in its senses.

Hedgehogs hibernate for one simple reason: to survive the winter, forthe rest of the year they are solitary and nocturnal, hence their eyesightis not highly developed. The male hedgehog is called the boar and the female the sow, their their offspring are hoglets.Incidentally, the sows are grateful that the hoglets are born withoutspines. The hedgehog is an insectivore and eats lots of beetles and caterpillars;they particularly like, earthworms and slugs. Hedgehogs have avaried diet and will also eat smallmammals, snails, millipedes, earwigs and even bees.

In Will and Guy's view, Mrs Tiggywinkle is the most famous of allhedgehogs. Mrs Tiggwinkle appears in Beatrix Potter's books where sheis usually ironing, or starching shirts. (See hedgehog picture to the right).By comparison Sonic the Hedgehog is a young interloper. Sadly, hedgehogs are becoming rare, even endangered.

The problemis fewer good old scruffy gardens. These days it's either manicuredlawn or patio. Other enemies of the hedgehogs include cars,lawnmowers, strimmers, plus the occasional fox or badger.Here is Another Batch of Interesting Hedgehog Facts and Trivia. Hedgehogs have approx 6,000 spines on their backs. Ancient Egyptians thought that hedgehog fat would cure baldness. Bananas are a well loved food, supposedly good for a hedgehog'sdigestive system.

Adult weight is around 1-2 kilograms and at its heaviest which is inthe autumn. Ms McCormack said, 'They had placed it in a guinea pig cage and it keptgoing round in circles. The hedgehog kept falling over and was on its backwith its legs up in the air for most of the time.

It was legless. This isdefinitely the first drunk hedgehog I have found. The next morning Icame in and turned the light on and she squealed really loudly. Sheobviously still had a big headache.' The hedgehog, interestingly named Tipsy, will be fed up to a healthyweight of 600g before being released back into the wild in the spring. Funny Hedgehog Story From The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2009This joke was voted for by a panel of nine experts who decided that:'Hedgehogs. Why can't they just share the hedge?'

Was the funniest and itwon the accolade for London comic Dan Antopolski, 36, who is known for hissurreal stand up routines.Nine comedy critics sifted through more than 3,600 minutes of material tofind the winner of the 'Dave Award for the Funniest Joke of the Fringe'.With nearly 18% of votes, Mr. Antopolski took top spot and walked away witha trophy from TV channel Dave and a £1,000 cash prize.