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Mar 29, 2012  Welcome to the Crackdown wiki guide. Welcome to the force. You are the result of an experimental genetic modification program designed to improve human functionality. Page 4 of the full game walkthrough for Crackdown. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements. Stage 2: Impounding Vehicles.

Welcome to Crackdown WikiThe wiki about, andWe are over articles, and. ContentsOverview , , , SMGs, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Heavy, Equipment,Getting Busy, Free For All, The Toy Box, Deluge,About the gamesand its sequels are third-person shooter video games played in an open-world. The player's character is a super-human created by the, an international police organization based in.In Crackdown, the player must rid Pacific city of three criminal gangs, and, each claiming a different district of the city:, the, and the. ( )In Crackdown 2, ten years have passed since the Agency overthrew Pacific City's gangs.

New threats have arisen to disrupt the peace, however. A virus has spread across the city, transforming all who come into contact with it into monstrous. There is also the, a terrorist organization made up of dissidents, radicals, and criminals who want to topple the Agency. The player must break the Cell and purge the Freaks to restore the Agency's order to Pacific City. ( )Crackdown 3 is the presumed title of the upcoming Crackdown game announced by Microsoft at E3 2014. Microsoft describes it as 'a new iteration of the groundbreaking open-world action series that features a whole new campaign — fully playable in co-op — and uses Xbox Live to power a city that isn’t just an exciting place to play, but is a part of your destructive arsenal.' The are super-human beings created by the using the disgraced work of.

As each Agent fights, its evolve; for example, a new Agent can jump slightly higher than the average human, but an Agent with maxed out Agility can leap over buildings. The Agents have access to the Agency's best equipment to fight against crime in.Featured VideoCrackdown 3 – E3 2017 – Official 4K TrailerWhat's new on Crackdown Wiki. November 16, 2010 - The pack is released.

September 2, 2010 - The pack, featuring the Keys to the City mode, is released. July 6, 2010 - is released!.

July 1, 2010 - avatar items are available for purchase on Xbox Live. June 21, 2010 - The demo has been released on Xbox Live. Of the is also now available.

Volk Territory Stage 1: Increasing SkillsIt's time to become even stronger. The Volk have a great fondness for explosive weaponry, which you'll see often, so every attack you make matters. For this bout of training, you're basically going to want to be almost done with your skills here. Push Driving, Explosives, Strength, and Firearms to 5. and Explosives and Firearms to 4.

Your Agility is probably close to 4. You may also want to consider collecting some orbs here in Volk territory so you can have that reach maximum potential as well.

The change from 3. to 4. is a really big one.

Keeping Explosives and Firearms at 4. will allow the generals' deaths to give you some experience in those skills so you can work on them while progressing. Civilian Baggage Carrier(After Vladmir Golyak is dead) On the first island towards his oil rig. You'll have to carry it back. Finding it in Shai-Gen territory might be easier.Stage 3: Supply PointsThere are only four supply points in Volk hands, and they're all on the lower island.

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Of course, the game developers could've put at least one somewhere on the upper island, but that's simply a luxury we cannot have. Once you have them all, try to take the Volk's weapon supply.

Weapons marked with an asterisk are weapons you may have already obtained from Los Muertos. TypeName.PistolKokov 'Diktat'Submachine GunHarman MP-50Assault RifleIngalls MG-60.Machine GunHarlington HMG-90ShotgunDempsey 190 'Equalizer'.Sniper RifleBastion S600 'Long Eye'.Grenade LauncherWatson HE79 'Grenadier'Rocket LauncherWatson HE99 'Hothead'Stage 4: Kill All Gang LeadersWith your skills basically at their peak and all Volk resources in your own hands, it's time to kill off this gang. You definitely, really want to attack the six generals first before attacking the kingpin, who is at the oil rig on the southern edge of the map. The only one important enough for a side note is Sovetnik, who is protected inside a building in his factory. To weed him out, head to the roof and look for exclamation points that mark three targets that must be destroyed. This will coerce him up to the roof.As with Los Muertos, the remaining Volk will gather near the northern border of the southern island.

Take care of the stragglers to completely remove the Volk from the game. 1 guide Stage 5: Agility Orbs & Hidden OrbsTime for more collecting.

Here are the important things to keep in mind again:. Download the maps to your computer and use a tool like MS Paint to cross off orbs that you've found. It is beyond frustrating to miss an orb and have no idea where it is. Make sure that you're absolutely certain you're marking the correct orb off your copy of the map.

Check the mini-map to be more precise about where you are. Collect all the agility orbs first, then the hidden orbs. Having a higher Agility is more important than finding hidden orbs, as your Agility determines how many and how quickly you can obtain either type of orb. You have to collect every orb in the game for achievements. This is only about a third of them. STREET RACESRace NameRequired TimeTour the Den01:30The Alleys of the Den01:40The Widowmaker01:40The Freeway Gauntlet05:20Volk Endurance Test07:50AGILITY RACESRace NameRequired TimeAscending the Cells02:05High Volk-age02:05The Wolf's Teeth02:35As with the previous set of stunts, all of the 12 stunt rings here should be obtained using the Agency SUV unless otherwise specified.

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There's a ramp truck that you'll be using for many of these rings.Ring #Strategy1Floor it from the Agency garage, or just bunnyhop into the ring.2There's a ramp truck parked on the R on the map. Use this to fling your SUV into the ring.3Bring the ramp truck to the line on the map and use it to drive over it into the ring.4Move the ramp truck in front of the Volk statue and jump over it again.5This ring is very easy to drive through, since it's just past a tiny ramp.6There's a ramp truck already parked here, so this is going to be an easy stunt ring too.7Bring this ramp truck over to the big Volk statue located here and line it up accordingly.8There's a specific path you can drive your SUV into that leads to the ramp you need to use to reach the ring. You can pick the car up and drop it ahead so you don't have to drive through it all. You definitely won't be able to drive directly into the ring, but you'll pop it by flying close enough underneath it.9Bring the ramp truck back and park it in the corner of the street race start zone. Bunnyhopping will push you too high in the air.10Bring the ramp truck over here and angle it in a way that'll launch you to the top of the dome. Bunnyhopping might be necessary given the small amount of space.11Take the ramp to the next stop in front of some pipes and use it once again.12The last time you have to touch this ramp for a while. Line it up here and use it again.