Counter Terrorist Attack Game

Counter Terrorism - Minesweeper Base on budget control to locate and capture those terrorists, stop them before the attack countdown. Gameplay method inspired by the minesweeper. Jelly jump math game.

Counter Terrorist Attack Death is an action First Person Shooting war Game. You are the brave assassin in the army, destory the terrorists who mask, arm AK47, M4,and carry destructive weapons. You need to master in practice a variety of targeted gun shots, excellent precision target training will help in the frontier shooting war better eliminate terrorist organizations. Travel deep into enemy control zones, swat & destroy terrorists.Counter Terrorist Kill Death Features:. First Person Shooting Action Game,. Three different missions Mode, levels, custom and bomb disposal modes,.

Complex situation,snow, desert, Arabian towns and high-rise buildings and cross firing. weapons, rifles, snipers, pistols, medical kits.


As anti-terrorist assassin, rescue hostages, clear bombs and eliminate terrorist organizations.