Cookie Jam Oven Mitt

How do I get more oven mitts?, Cookie Jam Questions and answers, iPhone/iPad.

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Cookie Jam is either a striking homage or shameless copy of the mega-popular Candy Crush series of games. Regardless, there's no denying that jamming cookies just as addicting and can consume just as much of your free time as crushing candies. What's more, there are just as many tips, hints, and cheats that can not only help you blaze through levels faster, but even earn you unlimited free lives without spending a dime. If that sounds good to you, follow along for our top tips!

Cookie Jam is susceptible to the same date and time change trick as most similar games. When you run out of lives, simply hop into the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and change the time forward a few hours. Hop back into Cookie Jam and voila, you should have lives again. You can repeat this trick as often as you'd like. Just remember that when you're done, you'll need to put the time back to normal or you may run into issues with iMessage.

2. Played Candy Crush? Look for the same patterns!

Cookie Jam is so derivative, It even includes the same patterns and types of special pieces as Candy Crush. That means 5 candies in a row will do the same thing a donut will, an L or T shape formation will give you an exploding ingredient. There are a few differences but seriously, use your candy crushing abilities to your advantage. That being said, if you havne't already, be sure you check out our Candy Crush guides as well, since many of the same rules, tips, and tricks, will apply here.

3. Save your rolling pins for hard to reach corners

Rolling pins will clear an entire row of ingredients in one go. While it's tempting to use them to finish off a certain type of ingredient, it's much smarter to save them for obnoxious corners and crevices you can't reach easily. For example, if you have waffles that you have to clear, you'll run into many times where they hide in corners that are hard to match.

Don't go chasing gingerbread men around the board. Of course you have to keep an eye on them but for the most part, they'll take care of themselves in due time. By that I mean look for patterns above and around them. For example, if a green gingerbread man is moving up a row and there are two green candies not far from him, let him move there and then swipe him to his demise. Don't try to lower pieces or bring them to his level, you're better than that.

5. Always make moves at the bottom of the board first

When you make moves at the top of the board, you typically don't ever have an opportunity to get combos. This is because less pieces are moved around all at once. Instead, always take all your moves at the bottom of the board first. This way, you create a cascade effect and more new pieces become available. And hey, sometimes the pieces you would have swapped at the top take care of themselves as pieces fall.

6. Focus on special cookies more than ingredients, most of the time

7. For 3 stars, end with as many moves left as possible

While some folks are A-OK with passing a level with a mere one star, there are lots of us out there that just don't think that's good enough. In order to master each level, not only do you need to clear ingredients and become a combo master, one of the best ways to earn all 3 stars is to end with as many moves as possible. This way you get special ingredient pieces at the very end to pad your score even more. So watch for patterns and clear as much as you can in single moves. And most importantly, avoid meaningless moves at all cost.

8. Don't assume combos with special candies are your best move

It's super easy to get distracted by two special candies sitting right next to each other. It's almost as if there's a tiny voice inside your head that says 'Swipe them now!' That being said, it isn't always your best option. While swapping two rainbow cakes or a rainbow cake and a striped ingredient are always a sure bet, two diagonal ingredients and a few other combinations are not typically worth wasting. Instead, save them for when they are in better positions independently and can serve you two purposes.

Your top Cookie Jam tips?

Those are our top tips for jamming as many cookies as possible. We're always on the lookout for more, however, so if you know any others, tell us all about them in the comments!

Cookie Jam is a match-3 puzzle game that offers you to search for similar cookies, match them and move forward. The game offers dozens of sugar-sweet levels which you will love. Download Cookie Jam or play on Facebook, helping cute Chef Panda.

Graphics 10/10

In this Cookie Jam review, we must compliment the vivid color palette and amazingly cute graphics. It looks like the game was made by true sweet-tooth. Such love to cookies and waffles, candies and other sweets can’t be faked. All the characters you meet in the Cookie Jam game are either adorable furry animals or cookies and candies. The colors are bright and cheery. It is hard to imagine that there may be rain in this world of sweets.

Sound 8.5/10

This is a 3-match puzzle game, and as you may already know from games with similar genre Cookie Jam puzzle adventure has a standard repetitive set of sounds. At first, all these joyful cheering and laughing, crusts and other unexplainable noises can be found adorable. They are cute and cartoonish. And possibly some children will find them amazing. However, after just a few hours of the game, you can get easily annoyed by the same loud sounds in Cookie Jam full game.


Gameplay 9.5/10

Cookie Jam gameplay is similar to other match-3 puzzle games. But now, instead of destroying, blowing up, or crushing matching objects you have to eat them. Your goal is to eat all the cookies on your way while they are still fresh and hot. Chef Panda is apparently a true enthusiast of his work and you will have to help him through thousands of levels.

Every week developers add another level to the Cookie Jam game so you will never run out of cookies. You will travel from one location to another via the colorful map and meet different challenges on your way. For every success, you will be rewarded.

The map of this place is worth of attention on its own. It is a set of different islands from fairy-tales. You may explore it. There are daily challenges and limited-time events you will not want to miss.

Lasting Appeal 9.5/10

If you are a real fan of 3-match games, Cookie Jam free of charge game is exactly what you were looking for. All the levels are built the way to put you through the challenge and prepare for what is coming next. The Cookie Jam game offers you sync with your Facebook account so you can share your achievements with friends on social media. You can compete against them, showing the number of scores and levels you won.

The Verdict

Cookie Jam game was made as a simple and fun entertainment after the hard day. There is no complicated or twisted gameplay, and no hard to learn mechanics. Your main goal is to eat as many sweets as you can, helping kind Chief. And good news, you will gain zero calories after hours of playing. Beware! It is better to eat something before you download Cookie Jam and join the game.


  • The game has fantastic adorable graphics;
  • Over 1000 of levels and various challenges;
  • Everlasting appeal;
  • It is free of charge.


  • You can’t play on the empty stomach;
  • Sounds can be too annoying.

Graphics 10

Sound 8.5

Gameplay 9.5

Lasting Appeal 9.5