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Centipedes are arthropods with many body segments. Each segment has one pair of legs. Centipedes live in damp, dark places such as fallen logs, under rocks and in soil. Centipedes prey on insects and other small invertebrates. The house centipede lives indoors in damp basements and bathrooms. Centipedes are predominantly generalist predators, which means they have adapted to eat a variety of different available prey. Examination of centipede gut contents suggests that plant material is an unimportant part of their diets, although centipedes have been observed to eat vegetable matter when starved during laboratory experiments.

The Texas redheaded centipede, also known as the giant desert centipede, giant Sonoran centipede, and giant redheaded centipede, seems to terrify a lot of people−at least its photo does. This, however, found in northern Mexico and across the southern United States, is amazingly adapted for survival. Scolopendra heros can live in a variety of habitats, from damp to dry, and its coloration can scare off potential predators, expecting the centipede to be poisonous.Compared to other arthropods seen in North America, this centipede appears huge. Its average length is 17 centimeters (6.5 inches) but can reach up to 20 centimeters (8 inches). It has 21 or 23 pairs of legs and also a pair of pincer-like appendages in front of its legs. Called gnathostomes or gnathopods, these appendages pinch rather than bite, injecting into 'prey.The Texas redheaded centipede is an important part of the.

It eats insects, lizards, frogs, and rodents, and is also preyed upon by owls, coyotes, ringtail cats, bobcats, and badgers.During the daytime, centipedes avoid sunlight, staying underground or under rocks, or in decomposing logs, leaf litter, or other crevices. When a centipede mother lays eggs in one of these sheltered spaces, she stays with the eggs, coiling around them for protection. She grooms the eggs, too, most likely to keep mold and bacteria from growing on them. Media CreditsThe audio, illustrations, photos, and videos are credited beneath the media asset, except for promotional images, which generally link to another page that contains the media credit.

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