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Watch Henry Danger - Season 4, Episode 12 - Budget Cuts. Henry Danger. S4 E12:Budget Cuts. Available on: TV Computer Tablet Phone. First Aired: April 7th, 2018. TVG Common Sense Media Age 6 Series, Kids.

Main characters, from left to right: Piper, Captain Man, Henry, Charlotte and Jasper (use cursor to identify) Henry Hart / Kid Danger Henry Hart / Kid Danger is a 13-year-old boy who becomes the sidekick of Captain Man. He is an average kid with friends and an after school job as Captain Man's superhero sidekick. Thanks to his skills and gadgets, Kid Danger has no problem helping Captain Man on his missions. He will always be with his friends even if he has to go save the world. In 'Hour of Power', Henry gains super-quick reflexes during the fight against Captain Man's former sidekick Drex.

He received this power after he breathed the fumes of a tarantula and a brown and yellow lizard. Later, it was named Hyper-Motility. In ', he loses his powers by touching the antivirus while using it to stop the virus and save the world and the Internet. Henry quits his job in the episode, “The Beginning of the End.” In, “The Fate of Danger: Part 2”, Henry gets a new super power, being able to create a green glowing force field around his body that is able to repel objects.

This enabled him to fake Kid Danger's death. In the same episode, Henry, Charlotte and Jasper leave Swellview, and fight crime in the next town over, Dystopia.Ray Manchester / Captain Man Ray Manchester / Captain Man (Cooper Barnes) is a who trains Henry. About 25 years ago, Ray Manchester's scientist father Dr. Carl Manchester accidentally pulled a lever on his Trans-Molecular Densitizer that Ray crashed into when riding his skateboard causing him to be indestructible and yet can still feel some pain for a short time. Now he is a crime-fighting superhero. He needed a sidekick, so he chooses Henry. Captain Man's Man-Cave is located underneath 'Junk 'n' Stuff'.

Ray is shown to have a crush on Mrs. Hart despite the fact that she is married, which sometimes irritates Henry and he tries to force Ray to go do something else for the time being. He owns the Man Copter and Man Van.

Kale Culley portrays a younger version of him in '. In, “The Fate of Danger: Part 2”, Ray and Schowz open the Swellview Academy for the Gifted or S.W.A.G. For short, with Ray leading and training a young group of new superheroes.Charlotte Page Charlotte Page is one of Henry's best friends.

She is sarcastic, clever, and smart. She is the 'sass master' of the bunch, always there to snap everyone back to reality. She and Henry have been best friends for a long time and therefore she is close enough to him to tell it like it is.

She is a big fan of Captain Man. In the fourth episode, Charlotte figures out Henry's secret and gets a job as an Information Assistant for Captain Man and Kid Danger. In, “The Fate of Danger: Part 2”, Charlotte leaves Swellview with Henry and Jasper to fight crime in the next town over, Dystopia, showing that she has become a cyborg.Jasper Dunlop Jasper Dunlop (Sean Ryan Fox) is another one of Henry's best friends. He is full of ideas, but most of them are not good.

He has been Henry's best friend since preschool. He is a bucket collector who always embarrasses Henry and Charlotte.

He also asks a lot of questions and is a big fan of Captain Man as well. In the episode 'I Know Your Secret', Henry reveals to Jasper that he is Kid Danger, and is taken into the business.

In, “The Fate of Danger: Part 2”, Jasper leaves Swellview with Henry and Charlotte to fight crime in the next town over, Dystopia.Piper Hart Piper Hart is Henry's little sister who is a fan of Captain Man. She and Henry are not that close. Piper claims that she hates her life and overreacts to various issues mostly about social media. Piper is also shown to be annoyed with Jasper's antics and seems to have a big rivalry with him.

In the episode Grave Danger, due to an accidental technicality at the DMV, Piper has her own driver's license despite being underage. She later discovered her brother's secret in part one of “Sister Twister” and screamed after seeing them transform into the heroes. She would play a part in becoming a member of the team after she helped Ray get his memory back (as he was about erase Piper's, but she accidentally aimed the device at him instead), despite Henry's reluctance. In “A Tale of Two Pipers” it is revealed that Piper will become a leader of a resistance group (against cyborg children) in the future and that both Henry and Ray trained her.

In 'The Fate of Danger' Pt. 2, Piper goes to attend a college in Florida.Schwoz Schwartz Schwoz Schwartz is a worker for Captain Man who handled the equipment in the Man Cave as he was the one who built it. Ray and Schwoz's friendship was strained when Schwoz stole Ray's girlfriend.

They eventually made up when Henry convinced Ray to forgive Schwoz. Since then, Schwoz has come up with various inventions to help Captain Man and Kid Danger, though at times he can be weird and funny, which makes Henry and Ray furious. He sometimes refers to his sister as someone who looks like a horse. He also had a shape-shifting android as his 'girlfriend'. He becomes a main character in the fifth season. In “The Fate of Danger: Part 2”, he and Ray open The Swellview Academy for the Gifted, or S.W.A.G.

For short, helping Ray train a new team of Superheroes.Recurring Gooch Gooch (Duncan Bravo) is the cashier at 'Junk 'n' Stuff', who works with Captain Man. He alerts Captain Man of any dangers in Swellview. He also has a young nephew named Benjy and a pet named Omar. His last appearance is in the first-season episode ' as later episodes have his position handled by Jasper. It is unknown what happened to him after Captain Jerk. He most likely quit or was fired when Schwoz moved into the Man Cave as Captain Man didn't really need Gooch anymore.

Since his disappearance, he hasn't even been mentioned.Mr. Hart / Jake Mr. Hart / Jake (Jeffrey Nicholas Brown) is Henry and Piper's father, who works as a project manager. He is described to have a loving, caring, and childish personality.

In the final episodes, he learns that Henry is Kid Danger during Drex's latest plot.Mrs. The last door season 3. Hart / Kris Mrs.

Hart / Kris is Henry and Piper's mother. She is oblivious to the fact that Captain Man has a crush on her. In the final episodes, she learns that Henry is Kid Danger during Drex's latest plot as well as her knowledge that Ray likes her.Miss Shapen Miss Shapen (Jill Benjamin) is Henry's history teacher at Swellview Junior High. She is known to ask Henry for advice on dating as she can never get a successful date. In ', it is revealed that Miss Shapen has a niece named Noelle who worked for Drill Finger.Sidney Sidney (Joe Kaprielian) is a boy who shares similar personality traits with his best friend Oliver.Toddler Toddler (Ben Giroux) is a dwarfism villain with a baby-motif. He was the first villain that Kid Danger faced with Captain Man. He was defeated upon falling into the bottomless ball pit and a bomb also falling in it.In 'Danger & Thunder,' villains like Dr.

Minyak and Nurse Cohort, Drill Finger, Jeff, Time Jerker, Van Del, and an unidentified alien woman were gathered together in a base underneath Lake Swellview. An incognito Captain Man, Kid Danger, and Thundergirl discovered that Dr. Minyak did not bring all of them together. It was actually Toddler who survived upon being blasted to the center of the Earth and how he had to tunnel back to the surface and came out of a sandbox. Toddler leads the villains in a plot to get revenge on Captain Man. In addition, he is tended to by Max Thunderman who is secretly planning to obtain Dr. Minyak's latest weapon.In 'The Fate of Danger' Pt.

2, Toddler attends Kid Danger's memorial where he is chained together with Dr. Minyak and Jack Frittleman.Nurse Cohort Nurse Cohort (Amber Bela Muse) is the female assistant of Dr. Minyak Dr. Minyak (Mike Ostroki) is a mad scientist villain who is possibly Captain Man's nemesis.Vice Mayor Willard Vice Mayor Willard (Timothy Brennan) is the vice mayor of Swellview.The episode 'Budget Cuts' reveals that he has a niece named Cassie.In 'The Beginning of the End,' Willard becomes the stepfather of Bose when he marries Bose's mother. He has Captain Man and Kid Danger watch over Bose in exchange that he will put up a statue of them if they do a good job.In 'The Fate of Danger' Pt. 2, Willard presides over Kid Danger's memorial.

He also unveils two statues of Kid Danger. Willard stated that he planned to have a statue of Captain Man, but changed his mind.Oliver Pook Oliver Pook (Matthew Zhang) is a strange and quirky boy. He is the best friend of Sydney and shares a similar interest in odd clothing.Jeff Jeff (Ryan Grassmeyer) is a dimwitted petty criminal that often gets busted by Captain Man. In ' it is revealed that his last name is Bilsky and he is Mitch's older brother. He appeared at the Hart-Bilsky family dinner at the time when Piper was dating his younger brother Billy.In 'The Fate of Danger' Pt. 2, Jeff speaks at Kid Danger's memorial.Mitch Mitch , commonly referred to by his full name Mitch Bilsky, is a school bully who picks on Henry and others. In ', it is revealed that Jeff is his older brother.Mary Gaperman / Mary Mary Gaperman / Mary (Carrie E.

Barrett / Carrie Barrett) is the co-anchor of Trent at KLVY. She gets annoyed at Trent when he interrupts or changes the subject on her while speaking on the news.Trent Overunder / Trent Trent Overunder / Trent (Winston Story) is the newsman on KLVY who reports on the activities in Swellview, which include Captain Man's heroic activities.Drex Drex (Tommy Walker) is Captain Man's original sidekick who he never let out of the Man Cave. This caused Drex to go roughe rogue and cause havoc resulting in Captain Man defeating him. Years later at Swellview Prison during its 'Take Your Daughter to Work Day' event, Drex was paroled from prison because the parole board chairman's daughter got into the computers and made him eligible for parole. Drex began his revenge on Captain Man and even caused trouble for Kid Danger. Thanks to his new powers, Kid Danger defeated Drex and he was imprisoned in the Man Cave.In 'Back to the Danger,' Drex is accidentally freed when Vice-Mayor Willard had the power to Swellview shut off for a brief time. Using Time Jerker's time machine, Drex went back in time to prevent Ray from getting his powers.

During the conflict, Drex got exposed to the same method and gained a reptilian left hand. Captain Man and Kid Danger were able to sent Drex to prehistoric times.In the final bunch of episodes, Drex befriended a tribe of cavemen where he swayed them to his side. Once they froze themselves and were thawed out due to global warming, Drex began his revenge on Captain Man and Kid Danger by sending some cavemen to attack Henry at his house while he and two cavemen raided the Man Cave. During this time, his last name is revealed to be Stinkelbaum. Obtaining the Memory Wiper device while tricking Schwoz into making some adjustments, Drex plans to erase Swellview's memories of Captain Man. His plans were thwarted by Captain Man and Kid Danger as the drone that Jasper controls drops Drex off at Swellview Prison.Notable guest stars Nathan Nathan appears in '.Shawn Shawn appears in '.

He is a young man who Coach Bix gets to pose as a teenager in order to get on his basketball team and replace Henry. Coach Bix holds a basketball match to see who will stay on his basketball team and who will go. Despite Schwoz's gifts, Henry loses and Coach Bix makes Shawn the replacement for Henry for the upcoming championship. Henry later learns from Shawn that Coach Bix had captured his in order to get Shawn to cooperate. Upon being informed of this, Captain Man caged up Coach Bix and returned Shawn his labradoodle.Chloe Chloe appears in '.

She is a girl who is one of Henry's love interests. She later stars in the reality show 'Kids in the Woods'. Chloe's last name is revealed to be Hartman.Invisible Brad Invisible Brad (voiced by ) appears in ', Grave Danger and Visible Brad. He is a man who was accidentally turned invisible and wanted to be Captain Man's sidekick.Li'l Biggie Li'l Biggie appears in '.Phoebe Thunderman / Thundergirl Phoebe Thunderman appears in 'Danger & Thunder.'

She comes to Swellview to assist Captain Man and Kid Danger while her parents have taken Nora and Billy to a theme park. It was mentioned in a discussion between Thundergirl and Captain Man that Thunderman is an old friend of Captain Man.Max Thunderman Max Thunderman appears in 'Danger & Thunder.' He is Phoebe's twin brother. Max goes to Swellview and gets himself into Toddler's gathering of villains in order to get close to Dr. Minyak's latest weapon.Frankini Frankini appears in ', ', ', and '.

He is an Internet celebrity; with the assistance of Goomer, he uses an illegal machine to control Kid Danger and Captain Man and tries to have them unmask themselves when he reaches 10,000,000 viewers. His plot is thwarted due to a blackout. In 'Captain Man-kini', Captain Man releases Frankini and Goomer into his custody so that he can temporarily switch bodies with Frankini and get close enough to a plot by another Internet celebrity named GoBro.

In 'Henry Danger: The Musical', he sets a curse over the town that makes everyone in Swellview sing and dance.Goomer Goomer (Zoran Korach) appears in ', ', ', and ' He is the henchman of Frankini. Goomer mentions to Kid Danger and Captain Man that he used to be associated with his sister a long time ago.

In 'Captain Man-kini', Captain Man releases Goomer and Frankini into his custody so that he can temporarily switch bodies with Frankini and get close enough to a plot by another Internet celebrity named GoBro. Before Henry Danger was created, he appears in where he was a mixed martial artist and a friend of Dice.Snoop Dogg appears as himself in '.Shaun White appears as himself in '. He appears at the Hart family home, where the viewing party of the new Kid Danger and Captain Man cartoon is being held.Joey Joey appears in '. He is one half of the Thumb Buddies. He mentions to Kid Danger and Captain Man that he has a sister who speaks with a lisp.Arc Arc appears in '.Ciara Ciara (Daniella Perkins) appears in '.Ryker Ryker appears in '. He is the former ruler of Astoria from another reality who was accidentally brought to Captain Man's reality by Bill Evil following his last attempt to take over Astoria. While finding out that his magic doesn't work in this reality, Ryker tricked Captain Man and Kid Danger in helping him obtain weapons and getting back to his world.

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His plans are thwarted when Arc and Ciara reveal his true motives.See also.Notes.