Borderlands 2 Characters

Borderlands 2: The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler. Rated 'M ' Developer Gearbox Software. Publisher 2K Games. Release Date November 26, 2013. Platforms Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3. Every character in Borderlands 2 can be played solo. They just have different fighting styles and therefore, some are better for soloing the game. Note that this only applies to the first 2.

Skill Tree Bloodlust The Bloodlust tree is about constantly dealing damage, such as increased bonuses for killing enemies with explosions or grenades and an increased chance to find grenade ammo following a kill using that method.SkillTierLevelsDescriptionBlood-filled Guns15Magazine Size of all weapons increased for each stack of Bloodlust.Blood Twitch15Kill Skill. Killing an enemy increases your Weapon Swap Speed for each stack of Bloodlust.Taste of Blood25During Buzz Axe Rampage, all damage you suffer is reduced. Damage reduction is inceased for each stack of Bloodlust.Bloody Revival25Assault Rifle Damage during Fight For Your Life increased for each stack of Bloodlust.Blood OverdriveKill Skill. Killng an enemy with a bullet increases your Melee Damage.Blood Bath35Kill Skill.

Killing an enemy with a grenade or explosive increases Weapon Damage for each stack of Bloodlust. An enemy killed this way has a greater chance to drop grenade ammo.Buzz Axe Bombardier31When thrown, your Buzz Axe now has dynamite attached to it which explodes on impact.Fuel the Blood35Kill Skill.

Killing an enemy with melee increased Grenade Damage for each stack of Bloodlust and adds bonus stacks to Bloodlust. Blood Trance45Duration of Buzz Axe Rampage is increased for each stack of Bloodlust at the time of activation.Boiling Blood45Increases the time before Bloodlust stacks start to decay.Kill Skill55Kill Skill. Killing an enemy increases your Reload Speed for each stack of Bloodlust.Bloodsplosion61Killing an enemy causes them to explode with an Elemental Nova matching the element of the damage that killed it (Non-elemental damage will cause an explosive nova). Nova damage increased for each stack of Bloodlust.Any Overkill Damage is also added to damage caused by an Elemental Nova.Mania The Mania tree rewards the player for taking damage, such as decreased action skill cooldown while being hurt. Krieg will also be able to receive damage from teammates.SkillTierLevelsDescriptionEmpty the Rage15Melee Damage increased.Additional bonus damage if your shield is down or when your magazine is empty.Pull the Pin11When you die, you drop a free Grenade. If you kill an enemy with it, you get double xp.Feed the Meat15Maximum Health and Shield Recharge Delay increasedEmbrace the pain25Fire Rate is increased when your shields are down.Shild Recharge Delay increased.Fuel the Rampage25Taking damage recharges Buzz Axe Rampage at a faster rate. Taking health damage increases the bonus further.You can now be damaged by teammates.Thrill of the Kill35A percentage of Overkill Damage (damage that is more than required to kill an enemy) is returned to you as Health.

The lower your health, the higher the percentage.Light the Fuse31Fight For Your Life is replaced by Light the Fuse. During Light the Fuse you pull out a live bundle of dynamite and can move normally. The bundle explodes when the timer runs out. If you kill someone you are revived.Getting a revive with the bundle explosion gives you bonus Movement Speed for the remainder of the time that was left in Light the Fuse.Strip the Flesh35Explosive Elemental Damage increased.Bonus is increased while in Fight for Your Life mode.Redeem the Soul41You can instantly Revive downed teammates. After reviving a teammate in this way you must Fight For Your Life.

Hellborn The Hellborn tree focuses on elemental damage, with one skill offering increased damage while you’re on fire (and a chance of being ignited yourself every time you light up an enemy).SkillTierLevelsDescriptionBurn, Baby, Burn15Burn Damage increased. Effects increase further while you are on fire. Chance to light yourself on fire when igniting an enemy.Fuel the Fire15Kill Skill. Killing an enemy increases your chances of causing Elemental Effects. Chance to light yourself on fire when igniting an enemy.Numbed Nerves25All Damage recieved is reduced while you are on fire.Pain is Power25Weapon Damage increased on all weapons except sniper riflesCritical Hit Damage Bonus reduced on all weaponsMelee Damage IncreasedEffects increased while you are on fire.Elemental Elation35While Elemental Status Effect Damage is being done to enemies, you gain stacks of elemental elation.

Fire rate and Magazine size increased for each stack of Elemental Elation. Stacks will not decay while you are on fire.Delusional Damage31All Elemental Status Effects you cause have a chance to light yourself on fire. Ignite chances are determined by these accumulated from Burn, Baby, Burn and Fuel the Fire. (Elemental Status Effects are damage over time from Corrosive, Electrocute, Slag and Burn damage.)Fire Fiend35Melee Attacks have a chance to Ignite enemies.Weapon Accuracy and Reload Speed increased while you are on fire.Flame Flare45Increases the duration of all Burn Effects on you. Each time you apply Burn Effect to an enemy, there's a chance another Burn Effect will be applied after a short time.Hellfire Hailtosis41Melee Override Skill.

Pressing the Melee action button causes you to breathe fire in a cone in front of you.Elemental Empathy55A percentage of Elemental Status Effect Damage done to enemies heals you.Raving Retribution61While you are on fire, taking damage from enemies will spawn homing balls of fire that seek out the attacker and explode on impact. Fireballs only trigger once per second.Decked Out Level 61 Krieg Ultimate Vault Hunter Krieg instigates a good old fashioned bar brawl.

There’s more to Borderlands 2 than just heaps of guns and tons of shooting. As a matter of fact, this game is considered by critics and gamers alike to be the best Borderlands game to date. The continuation of the story five years after the events of the original Borderlands was smart, and it built the game on a great platform. The characters alone are well rounded and extremely adaptable.

Between the four initial characters, the DLC characters, and the rest of the NPCs including the four original Vault Hunters, here are the top five characters that you can play from Borderlands 2.1. Axton (Commando)With ten years in the Dahl military force, Axton can use a sabre turret. This turret is a gem of a weapon with a 360° rotation and upgradable features.

The character first heard about the vault from a radio ad, but it was all a ruse created by Handsome Jack. As a matter of fact, Handsome Jack had been monitoring Axton’s bounty hunts and knew that the draw of the hunt will be too much fro Axton to refuse. Handsome Jack was correct in assuming that Axton would take the bait. One of the best parts about using Axton as a character is when he uses his melee weapon, which happens to be an awesome tomahawk.2. Zer0 (Assassin)Possibly one of the coolest characters in the game, Zero may initially feel limited; however, one of his skills is probably one of the best to play in the game: sniping. It’s true that Zero was built for sniping, but he also has an option for a melee weapon—his sword. You can focus on building up either skill, which we suggest instead of interchanging between the two.

Anoia is a true heroine for sitting through the first generation's absolute worst scenes with me, because god knows I wouldn't do something like this if someone else wasn't suffering along with me. Record of agarest war true end guide Should go without saying this isAlso, for the last scene, we both agreed the last part of it was so bad I was going to cut out the resulting CG, so the audio keeps running after the video stops. I'm saving you all a lot of heartache, trust me, but Anoia can testify as to what she saw.

Zer0 is an interesting character. He speaks in haiku to begin with and quotes a lot of songs in his dialogue. He even displays his emotions through his holographs. Zer0 is a fun character to play with, even though you might find that he isn’t the strongest in the bunch.

Borderlands 2 Characters

Salvador (Gunzerker)The Gunzerker is easily a crowd favorite. He isn’t all brawl either considering that he’s the most customizable character out of this list. Salvador can deal tons of damage and you can build up his skill tree to improve the character. He’s best with the proper weapons, so you’ll want to swap weapons as much as possible to collect the best ones for the character.

His Gunzerking skill allows him to wield any two weapons at the same time, so it helps to have the best two you can find. You can also build up Salvador to be able to handle a lot of damage. It definitely goes very well with his heavy steroidal look.4. Maya (Siren)It’s unfortunate that the girl is one of the weaker characters within this game.

However, Maya offers a lot of support to warrant her a position on this list. As a Human Siren, Maya had been training her powers since she was a child.

However, being a siren is a crime in Pandora. She has a lot of story behind her that’s pivotal to the story, but she’s more than her backstory. Her abilities are useful as well.

Maya can suspend her enemies in another dimension, locking them in stasis. This is called Phaselock, and this skill can be upgraded to bring even more damage.

Maya is considered to be one of the most powerful Sirens in Pandora. 5. Krieg (Psycho)Released a couple of years after the first four, Krieg’s Psycho class character supposedly had previous vault experience that straddles the line between good and evil. He hears voices in his head that limits him towards murdering others that only deserve it. He suffers from DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and he hears a few female voices in his head. He uses an incredible buzz axe to attack through his Buzz Axe Rampage action skill, and it’s a pretty powerful weapon that can deal melee damage of up to 500%. He’s also one of only two Vault Hunters that use suicidal tactics.

Krieg’s Skill Trees include Bloodlust, Mania, and Hellborn. Bloodlust focuses on ranged combat, which isn’t particularly his best considering that his best weapon is his axe. It’s best to build up his Mania because of its high reward in the end.