Bomberman 64 Gamefaqs


Poker night at the inventory 2 steam game. 2.4 BOOT CARTRIDGES=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Boot cartridges shouldn't have battery back-up as the Passport can erasesaves and fry the battery. A game doesn't have battery back-up if yourequire a controller pak or password to save.The following list is a list of common N64 games that don't have batteryback-up, and are therefore suitable for use as a boot cartridge:Bomberman 64Castlevania 64Castlevania: Legacy of DarknessDuke Nukem 64Duke Nukem: Zero HourExcitebike 64Extreme GExtreme G 2International Track and Field 2000ISS 64ISS 98ISS 2000Madden 64Madden NFL 99Micro Machines 64 TurboMystical NinjaNFL BlitzNFL Quarterback Club 98/99Quake 2Rainbow 6SF Rush 2049ShadowmanSouth Park Rally.

Did you happen to make a similar topic on the N64 forum on GameFAQs today? I answered a very similar question just earlier, so I'll copy and paste my recommendations: Bomberman 64 (2D Bomberman with lots of different game modes. Expect to pay big bucks for this, though, as it was the last N64 game released in Japan.