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The Banana Farm generates bananas during the round that can be collected for money. The base tower costs$850 on easy,$1000 on medium,$1080 on hard,$1200 on insane, and$1400 on impoppable. Without upgrades, it generates 4 bananas each worth$20 every round. Bloons Tower Defense 6 Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. View Mobile Site. Bloons Conception Wiki is a place where you can express all sorts of ideas for the game series Bloons and Bloons Tower Defense! This is a wikia where you can express all sorts of ideas for the popular Flash game series Bloons! Whether it's an idea for a new type of Bloon, a new tower, a new agent, a new mechanic that.

Bloons:B&W BloonContains 10 Zebra BloonsHas the look of an inverted Zebra BloonFirst appears at Round 420Requires 100 hits to destroyCan only be popped by Technological TerrorImmune to corrosive glueMOABs:O.M.E.G.A. BloonFirst appears at Round 450can shoot Towers to stun them for 2 secondsRequires 100000 hits to destroyCan only be popped by The 0,1,2/4 sub TowerImmune to glue, 0,1,2/4 mortar Tower, Ice Tower, and glue StrikeTowers:Monkey Tankit can move in place to place and shoot bullets that can blow up, also it can ran over Bloons for one damage and have two abilitiescost: 800 (easy) 900 (normal) 1000 (hard) 1200 (Impoppable)path 1:Fast Shooting Tank: can shoot faster. Cost: 300, 370, 500, 590Faster bullets: bullets moves much Faster. Cost: 380, 490, 570, 680mini gun: adds a mini gun that can pop Black and Zebra Bloons.

Cost: 700, 790, 870, 940Anti-MOAB gun: adds a Anti-MOAB gun that can do 6x damage to MOABs Class Bloons. Cost: 950, 1200, 1350, 1540path 2:longer range: can shoot more far. Cost: 250, 360, 430, 510bigger bullets: can do more damage and can have bigger blast.

Cost: 470, 590, 700, 760Anti-camo gun: add a Anti-camo gun that can shoot at camo bloons meaning that can be seen by any other Tower. Cost: 690, 770, 860, 980Tank commander Monkey: can have a Tank commander that uses his mega cannon to shoot at the Bloons. Cost: 910, 1000, 1300, 1510abilities:RPG: the Tank commander can shoot a very powerful blast that can pop a MOAB in one shot. Time: 50 secondstargeting range: the Monkey Tank can shoot in any range for 20 seconds. Time: 40 seconds.

A tower is a unit that helps the player fight off. With the exception of the and the, every tower can attack bloons in BTDX (although can attack with the certain upgrades).

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They are all unique, with increasing power generally accompanied by increasing cost.Many of the towers are either monkeys, units maintained by a monkey, or units owned by a monkey, with the exception of the, andUpgradesWhen you first start BTDX, each tower will have a total of 5 upgrades available to it, 1, 2, and the first upgrade each of the main three paths, left (3L), middle (3M), and right (3R).The shorthand name for an upgrade is, where tiers start at 0 for the base tower with no upgrades, and the paths are Left, Middle, Right, or Stacked (sometimes called Alt). So a '3L ' would have the 'Distraction' upgrade.The stacked upgrade path for the tower will show in place of one of the other paths once unlocked ( left, middle, or right)Stacked upgradesThe 'stacked' upgrades (3S, 4S, 5S), also sometimes called 'Alt' (3A, 4A, 5A) upgrades, are the 4th path available to towers. You can unlock them by unlocking all upgrades for a particular path (it differs for each tower, for example the requires that you unlock all the upgrades in its middle path) and completing a bounty using only that tower (via a button that will appear in the lower-left of the tower menu).Once unlocked, you can buy the stacked upgrades in game by upgrading a tower to tier 2, then attempting to build (or 'stack') another of the same tower on top of it.

This will show the tier 3 stacked upgrade option in either the left, middle, or right of the upgrade area. Click it to start your tower along the stacked path. Once a tower is at least tier 3, you don't need to try to build over it to continue along the path, and can instead simply buy the 4S and 5S upgrades as normal.All items (27).