Battle Brothers Perks

Many like the 2H/Shield 'Quick Hands' combo, or take 'Steel Brow' even on late game Bros with 300+ helmets. I don't and would probably go for.

Stats in gameHealth (essential) - how much HP your merc has. If it reaches 0 he dies. Especially important early game when you have little or no armor. Its importance decreases over course of the game once you start getting decent armor. Also affects probability of receiving wounds during combat.DLC: Became decent stat for Nimble build mercs (See Nimble perk).Important note: There is chance that merc will not die when deceased on battlefield, but instead survive with permanent injury. See combat log at top left corner in game to find out if you merc survived (you'll see 'Gunnar was struck down' if it happened). Struck down mercs cannot be raised as 'zombies' by Necromancers.

Survivor trait increases chances to be struck down up to 90%. Fatalities like head chopping always kill your mercs.Important note: To receive an injury merc should suffer at least 10 HP damage and for most injuries it should exceed 25% of his total health. The more damage hit inflicts to HP, the more likely merc will suffer an injury and more likely a serious it would be.Fatigue (very important) - spent on various actions in combat together with actions points. Each round 15 Fatigue is refilled.

Usually drained really fast thus for most of your mercs you want Fatigue to be as high as possible. Also each attack hit or avoided by your merc spends some amount Fatigue (See Melee Defense).Note: Trait Iron Lungs (+5 Fatigue recovery) gives +20 Fatigue recovery per turn total, trait Asthmatic (-5 Fatigue recovery) gives only +10 Fatigue recovery per turn total.Resolve (essential) - represents morale in game. Used during various morale checks (merc getting surrounded, enemy killed, ally killed, rolls against morale attacks like Fear).

If check fails, morale of merc drops by one level (see Morale), with each morale drop Resolve is usually decreased thus it has domino effect where chances to lose next morale check are increased with every failure. That's why it is important to have sufficient amount of Resolve at least on your key mercs (somewhat around 50 Resolve).DLC: New enemies like Alps and Hexes utilize resolve based attacks making high resolve important when fighting them. Companies with overall low resolve might have hard time against them.Morale - represents current morale of your merc.

Morale level changes are affected by various Resolve checks. Possible morale levels:. Fleeing - merc is fleeing and cannot be controlled. Melee attack/defense, Ranged attack/defense, Resolve are decreased by 30%. Breaking - Melee attack/defense, Ranged attack/defense, Resolve are decreased by 20%. Wavering - Melee attack/defense, Ranged attack/defense, Resolve are decreased by 10%.

Steady - default morale level. Usually all your mercs start battle at this level unless influenced by other factors. Confident - Melee attack/defense, Ranged attack/defense, are increased by 10%. Resolve is not increased! Mercs can start battle at this level if they are happy or have Confident perk.

Unbreakable - unit is not affected by Morale. All undead has this morale level. Unreachable for living beings.Initiative (situational) - how fast your merc is.

The characters with higher current(!) Initiative act first in combat. Affected by Fatigue level at 1:1 ratio: for every 1 Fatigue point spent, Initiative decreased by 1 point.

The same rule also applies to gear character have equipped: the heavier the gear, the less Initiative he has. Initiative level ups are only worth picking for specific type of builds: archers, duelists, sometimes for pikemen. For all others there are better ways to spent stats (unless you have some crazy sh.t in your mind)Note: Trait Strong (+10 Fatigue) affects Initiative as well: first 10 Fatigue points 'eaten' by your gear don't drop your Initiative.Melee attack (very important) - how good your merc fighting at melee. It is very important for melee oriented characters. Chances to hit are calculated by simple formula. Chance to hit = Melee attack - Melee defense + Attack modifier (see tooltip for each attack) + Surround bonus (+5 for each ally surrounding the target)Important note: Polearm characters attacking from 2 tiles away get the same surrounding bonus as melee guys engaging the target: if target already engaged by 2 mercs at melee, then polearm user will get the same +5% surround bonus as each of melee guys (no extra 5% for being 3rd guy attacking the target).Range attack (very important) - how good your merc with ranged weaponary. It is very important for range oriented characters.

Chances to hit are calculated by simple formula. Chance to hit = Range Attack - Range Defense + Attack modifier (see tooltip for each attack)Note: Ranged chance to hit deteriorates with range, but it is already included into Attack modifier since penalties are also included into attack tooltips.Melee defense (very important) - how good your merc defending against melee attacks. Very important for melee oriented characters.Important note: Every successful hit your merc suffer increases his Fatigue by 5 points. Every successful dodge/block increases Fatigue only by 2 points.

Same rules apply to NPC characters. This mechanic actually makes Melee defense exceptionally good stat helping with Fatigue management in prolonged fights.Note: Maces effectively inflict 15 Fatigue damage on hit (5 base + 10 from mace) as opposed to 5 Fatigue damage from other weapon hits.Range defense (essential) - how good your merc at avoiding ranged attacks.

Quite important for characters not using shields (archers, pikemen, duelists, to lesser extent for 2handers) since helps them staying alive under enemy fire, for shielded ones this stat is good to have but not necessary.Action Points - spent on various actions in combat (move, attack, shieldwall and so on). Cannot be increased. Fire emblem warriors lyn. Refilled each round of the combat. Action points not spent previous round are lost.

Most of your enemies have the same amounts of action points as your mercs, i.e. Some, like 'zombies' have only 6 AP and some, like direwolves have 12 AP.DLC: New polearm mastery reduces polearm attack cost to 5 AP making polearm users much more mobile. With each level up player can increase 3 stats of his choice. Actual values are not fixed, but randomly chosen from stat value range.Note: You cannot savescum to get better rolls on level ups! Executioner (specialized) - adds 20% damage against injured enemies. Usually requires Crippling Strike perk on number of mercs to work more or less reliably, therefore I would recommend it for specialized builds only.

Good pick for dedicated polearm users to increase their killing power and trigger Berserk more reliably. Some players pick it for 2-handers in addition to Killing Frenzy. Having Crippling Strikes on archers helps apply injuries before clash happens on number of enemies. Then 2-handers can capitalize on injuries delivering devastating blows.Bullseye (good) - reduces penalty for shooting into obscuring target from 75% to 50%.If you want to snipe backline targets such as necromancers, pikemen or other archers, then this is your pick. Without it countersniping enemy archers would be troublesome. I pick it for all my archers. Nothing more to add.Notable enemies having this perk: Pretty much all competent archers including notorious Brigand Marksmen.Dodge (specialized) - adds 15% from merc current(!) Initiative to his Melee/Ranged defense.

Good for light armored builds with high Initiative such as archers and duelists. Archers however benefit from Anticipation much more, but you can have both if you want. Its benefit deteriorates over course of the fight since merc becomes fatigued - his Initiative drops - bonus from Dodge drops as well. I also pick it up for lightly armored mercs with shields, high enough Initiative and low Stamina.

I field them only during early game and usually replace by better recruits (or evolve into duelists). For me required Initiative threshold for this perk is 100 (after all gear and weapons). You may have lower standardsFortified Mind (specialized) - provides 25% bonus to Resolve. Specialized pick for sergeant builds. Recently found it to be decent on dedicated tanks to help against morale drop because of being surrounded by 3 or more enemies. Sometimes worth picking on 'trash' recruits if you don't want to waste stat level ups on ResolveHold Out (???) - reduces duration of negative status effects (bleeds included) by 1 to a minimum of 1 turn.DLC: This perk might be worth trying since it can help fight new enemies such as Hexes and Alps. Cannot say more now since extensive 'testing' in the field is required.

Might be worth it midgame on tank characters to help against Orc Warriors with cleavers, but this is highly situational.Steel Brow (average) - hits to the head no longer critical. Also reduces probabality to receive head injuries. Good pick for low HP mercs (swordmasters/flaggelants) or lightly armored mercs (archers/duelists) to prevent oneshots from crossbows or pikes to the head. All times I picked this perk it was totally worth it.

Saved a number of swordmasters during my playthroughs, which would die otherwise. DLC: works well with Nimble builds reducing HP damage to the head, however became less mandatory because of Nimble changes. Also valid pick for full tank builds. If merc have high enough HP(70+) and heavy armor, this perk is a waste unless you want this merc to survive no matter whatNotable enemies having this perk: Sword Masters, Sergeants.Quick Hands (good) - once per round allows to move item to/from invertory for free.

One of the best perks if you are looking for tactical flexibility. Backstabber (average) - doubles surrounding bonus (5% - 10%). On average this perk is better than Fast Adaptation (but Fast Adaptation is Tier 1 pick) since it provides hit chance increase without requirement to miss your hit, also most of the time you have at least 2 mercs adjusted to enemy which is sort of guarantees this perk to be active. Good pick for polearm users to ensure hits. I always pick it despite them already having high attack values. Helps them hit no matter what. Decent for low/average skilled recruits fighting in formations.

Wouldn't recommend it for 2 handers, since they kind of AOE builds, but it all depends on tactics you use. Not recommended for already high skilled frontline charactersAnticipation (good) - provides additional 1 + 10% Base Ranged Defense per tile against ranged attacks. Must have pick for your archers and pikemen (sergeant too). When you meet Brigand Marksmen you'll understand why. Threshold value to be effective 15+ Ranged Defense (the more the better). Ranged defense from Dodge/Shields doesn't count when Anticipation is calculated. Only base Ranged Defense counts!.

Wouldn't recommend picking both Dodge and Anticipation. It works better if you choose only one of them and pick Steel Brow/Nimble/Nine Lives/Colossus as second defensive perk.

if merc is planned to be heavy armor wearer (240+/240+) Anticipation will lose some of its value since heavy armor users tend to have Battleforged which already offers decent protection against most ranged attacksNotable enemies having this perk: seems all Goblins have it, Necrosavants, Master Archers, Sword Masters.Shield Expert (average) - reduces damage to shields by 50%, also increases defense values of shields by 25%, which applies to Shieldwall bonus as well. DLC: Knock Back skill gains +15% chance to hit.Improves shields:. Round shields (+15/+15) - (+18/+18). Kite shields (+15/+25) - (+18/+31).

Heater shields (+20/+15) - (+25/+18). Effectively doubles damage required to break shields. Try breaking shields of Ancient Auxiliaries, feel the frustration, then look into their stats. Good pick for shield users, without it shields could go away with 2-3 hits from 'Destroy shield' attacks leaving merc exposed, especially helps when fighting orcs. Sort of must have pick for Unique shield users, otherwise soon your lovely red glowing Unique shield will be split into pieces. DLC: Added more crowd control abilities to shield users with this perk. Be wary of that when fighting Noble House units/Ancient LegionsNotable enemies having this perk: Noble House Footmen/Knights, Ancient Legions, Bandit Leaders.Brawny (good) - reduces Fatigue and Initiative penalty for wearing armor and helmet by 25%.

Every heavy armor user must have it. DLC: Nimble builds no longer benefit from it (See Nimble perk). DLC: Penalty reduced was lowered: 30% - 25% which together with Nimble changes made this perk worth it only for dedicated heavy armor users. Good news however is what all others got free perk point to spend.Rotation (good) - for 3 AP and 25 Fatigue allows switching places with another ally(!) character which is not stunned, rooted or otherwise disabled. All Tier 4 perks are weapon masteries. They are pretty self explanatory and available in game, so instead of going through all of them I just make some general points:.

Most of masteries are worth picking solely because of Fatigue reduction on attacks, this especially helps during prolonged fights. DLC: Polearm mastery became great making polearm attacks cost only 5 AP which makes their users quite mobile - now they can attack and move 2 tiles. Pair it with Pathfinder for even more increased benefit (mostly to get high ground).

Brings new possibilities (WORKS ONLY WITH POLEARMS - axes use different mastery and thus not affected):. Againt Orc Warriors polearms now could be kept at safe distance by using following tactic: move forward to position yourself at backline - hit - move backward to avoid being at enemy reach in case if frontline gets pushbacked. Hit (-5 AP) - kill and proc Berserk (+4 AP) - Hit (-5 AP) - move 1 tile ( 9 - 5 + 4 - 5 = 3 AP left).

Spear mastery is rarely picked because spears are bad late game weapon and mostly used for crowd control then. Against Ancient Legions HP damage from Spears is reduced by 50%, however spears still do their full damage to armor. Axes provide best DPS against armored targets (granted user has high melee skill). Cleavers provide best DPS against low/unarmored targets (unless these are Orc cleavers).

Orc cleavers have high armor damage and are possibly best duelist weapon in game (especially Unique ones). There were reported cases when Orc Warlord was almost dying after 4 hits from duelist equipped with Orc cleaver.

All Orc weapons come with harsh penalties to Fatigue (see tooltips) and therefore unusable without mastery. Also high Fatigue pool and Iron Lungs are much desirable for Orc weapon user. Warhammers are the best weapons against armor, however their HP damage is the least in game. Some goblin weapons have attacks affected by different masteries, for example bleed from Goblin pike is affected by Cleaver mastery while Fatigue cost for the attack itself affected by Polearm mastery. Goblin pike cost 5 AP to use making its user very mobile. Flails are the best weapons early game for looting enemy armor since most of the enemies in that period come with no or little head protection. Also showing good results against Shieldwall spam used by Ancient Legions and Noble House Footmen.

Puncture skill from dagger is not affected by Double grip (+25% damage to onehanded weapon when offhand is free). Crossbow mastery is that actually makes enemy crossbow users so deadly. Maces are good crowd control weapons with decent damage.

Could be used to stun Necrosavants and also good against Orc Warriors granted you don't have high enough DPS to bring them down fast. They eventually become so fatigued that will be able to use only one action per round and if surrounded they prefer to spam shieldwall. Swords have their niche mid game, but they are not so effective against armored opponents. Late game mostly used by 2-handers and duelists. The most universal 2-handed weapon is sword. It offers 3 different types of attacks, while others (hammer/axe) offer only 2.

Hammer is the best 2-handed weapon against armored opponents such as Orc Warrios. Advantage of 2-handed axes is their devastating single target attack (at least twice as much as any other 2-handed weapon). Reach Advantage (good) - adds static +5 Melee Defense for each successful hit of two-handed weapon up to 5 stacks. Bonus lasts until character(!) next turn, thus it will last until character gains next turn even if he acts last in the round. DLC: 20% Melee Defense increase per hit replaced with static bonus of +5 Melee Defence per hit.

Aslo number of stacks reduced 5 - 6. This severely nerfes this perk for campaigns aiming past 11 level (several late game crisises), but buffs it for early-mid game allowing usage of two-handed weapons earlier. Single late game crisis campaigns almost not affected because of average mercs statline at 9-11 levels. Just in case: doesn't work on misses. Good pick for AOE two-handed weapons such as swords, decent pick for hammers, axes and berserk chains. For only single attack two-handed weapons this perk pick is debatable.Notable enemies having this perk: Zweinhanders, Billmen, Ancient Honor Guards, Hedge Knights.Overwhelm (average) - applies stacking Overwhelmed (-10% to all attack values) debuff against enemy character with each hit or miss. Berserk (good) - once per round refunds 4 AP for killing an enemy.

No brainer pick for pretty much every damage dealer build. Even worth considering for shield users. Worth it even for dedicated crossbowmen since helps to overcome mobility issues they have.

The only downside of this perk is that it speed ups Fatigue consumptionNotable enemies having this perk: Orc Berserks, Direwolves, Zveinhanders, Knights.Head Hunter (rare) - on body hit adds stacking +15% chance to hit the head. BUILD SECTION MIGHT BE OUTDATED WITH NEW DLC.

IT MIGHT TAKE TIME BEFORE IT GETS UPDATED.' Standard' fighter with shield in medium/heavy armor used to maintain frontline and protect more squishy fighters:. This build is core of any early company. Early on equipped with spears/swords.

Battle brothers perk tier list

Later starts using heavy weaponry as his melee skill increases (70+). If recruit s.cks at melee you can always give him spear/sword/flail. You can have dedicated Pikeman build, but I usually use some Footmen for these needs after obtaining some polearms. Core perks Colossus - footmen are frontline fighters therefore they take hits more than anyone else. This perk helps them last longer under pressure, reduces injury probability and overall helps staying alive. Pick this perk to bring your merc up to 70-80 HP and invest stat level ups into other areas. Usually one of the first picks.

Could be skipped if recruit already has high base HP (70+).Rotation - tanking is footmen primary role and this perk helps them with that by allowing rescue of other mercs ended up in trouble. Also could be used to rotate perk owner out of danger if he took too many hits or put damage dealers into striking position. However latter could be tricky.

I recommend picking this perk as soon as it becomes available on level 4.Brawny - allows wearing heavier armor and still having adequate levels of Fatigue(80+, at the very minimum - 70). Pick it right after Rotation.Shield Expert - shield is core equipment of footmen. Loosing it leaves them into exposed position and often strips them from their tanking roles. This perk not only increases shield defense values but also greatly increases its lifetime. I can remember only single cases when shield was lost with this perk picked, without it would happen much more often.Underdog - this perk is kind of must have for tank classes since the lesser you hit the better and eliminating penalties for surrounding provides solid help in that direction.Weapon mastery of choice - some time later in game once merc has adequate levels of attack (70+) you will want to specialize him into one dedicated weapon. Pick it based on your needs:.

Spears - for crowd control and securing flanks. Flails - if your melee skill is expected to be low by level 11 (around 75). Warhammers - to counter heavy armored opponents. Maces - for crowd control and decent damage, even 2 mace users is enough to Fatigue cap Orc Warrior at 1-2 turns.

Axes - for damage and shield breaking. Cleavers - if you like it. Swords - for good steady damage output, however they do less damage vs armorBattleforged - pick it to toughen up your armor. 210/210 is borderline when it becomes effective, however 140/150 works too if it is the best you have. Especially helpful when facing Goblin Wolfriders while most of your company undergeared.

For example, I had 2 fighters with 210/210 armor: one without and one with this perk. By the end of the fight first one was barely alive with his armor broken to pieces while second one still had at least half of his armor.Recover - last core perk, pick for tough fights late game (100+ days). Mostly used against undead or when fighting in rough terrain without Pathfinder perk.

You can skip it for recruits with Iron Longs trait and high Fatigue pool.That's it for core perks. On top of them you can pick any perks you like to use or which suit your playstyle better: Quick Hands, Pathfinder, Berserk, Fortified Mind, etc. It is just not possible to mention all variations of this build: everyone has its own tastes. Below I'll give you couple of build variations I use. Shield tank - I keep couple of such mercs usually equipped with maces/warhammers/flails. Their role is to tank multiple enemies (especially dangerous ones such us Orc Warriors) while damage dealers do their job at other parts of the battlefield.

This particular merc below has Fortified Mind to help with his Resolve since I was facing undead crisis (to help against Gheists and Ancient Legions/Fallen Heroes). I also found Fortified Mind pretty helpful if merc usually find himself surrounded by 3 or more enemies which is common for shield tanks. Took Fearsome for this merc since it synergizes well with warhammer which provides guaranteed HP damage. Core perks Student - same as for archers - 2-handers shine at higher levels, also they have strict requirements for perks which are high at the tree, therefore you want to get there as soon as possible.Colossus - the same reasoning as for footman. Swordsman - Just general 2-hander equipped with greatsword.

This one has Gifted taken to patch up his attack/defense stats (he still was pretty lucky with his melee defense rolls), he had too juicy Fatigue pool to discard him (150 before gear). Note that this one doesn't have Colossus due to his already high HP pool (took one +4 roll). Also took Rotation for him, even used it twice - once even saved another merc by that, but I'm starting to think that Adrenaline would probably have saved him better:) (if you know that I mean). Core perks Student - just pick for faster level ups.Fortified Mind - 25% to Resolve is solid addition, affects even those +10 Resolve from sergeant stash.Rally the Troops - this perk is sole reason of this build. Usually spammed every round against Gheists.Brawny - pick it once you start giving your sergeant heavier armor.Anticipation - you need to compensate lack of shields by picking this perk.Rotation - for getting yourself out of trouble or saving other mercs.

However don't expect sergeant to tank hits long enough.Recover - against big packs of Undead and Gheist it is likely that your sergeant hits Fatigue cap, therefore pick it or he will just become useless.Sergeants are pretty simple. On top of this core you can either go for offensive picks to squeeze out everything from that relatively weak banner attack (I usually go that way) or defensive to prevent your sergeant from occasional death since he is imporatant member of the company - finding/raising his replacement could take a while, or you can choose balanced approach.One of the examples below. Took Executioner/Berserk/Killing Frenzy just for these fights where I don't need his Rally and his passive buff is just enough:Another one (level 9) - this one with Backstabber to ensure hits. Core perks Brawny - pikemen wear medium-to-heavy armor and therefore need this perk.Rotation - for getting out of trouble or protecting more squishy mercs.Anticipation/Dodge - to compensate lack of shields. Pick it depending on your merc stats - with high enough base Initiative (120+) Dodge is better.Weapon mastery of choice - after experimenting a bit, I found that perk useful enough even for Polearm pikemen.Berserk - allows 2 attacks per round.Killing Frenzy - for even more killing potential and reliable Berserk procs.Battleforged - usually good pick for medium-to-heavy armor users. Helps against arrows.Note: Some players build pikemen into Initiative and use Warscythe with Overwhelm for debuffing multiple targets.Below not finished version of my pikeman (as I said they rarely see battlefield rather than during Undead Crisis). The general idea was to use Warscythe for AOE and Billhook for single target damage.

Planned picks were Quick Hands (to switch beetween Billhook and Warscythe), Recover and Battleforged. Took Executioner as filler perk for better damage output. Core perks Student - duelist killing perks are very high at the tree, you want to get there as fast as possible.Colossus - if you planning to use your duelists more or less as frontline fighters then better set the same standards for them as for other frontliners: 65+ HP. For assasin like use when they go for specific targets and have other mercs to back up them, you can stay satisfied with 55-60 HP. Everything lower needs to be patched, otherwise injury on hit is not a possibility, but a reality.DLC: Until NImble is 'fixed' this perk is too good for Nimble builds to skip it.Pathfinder - I personally like this perk on duelists - it gives them that sense of mobility they need in my opinion, also helps with Fatigue consumption since they will be moving more than 2-handed mercs - could be considered passive equivalent of Recover perk. Also helps with maintaining higher defense numbers provided by Dodge perk.Dodge - pick this perk to take full advantage of high iniatiative duelists already should have. I was quite sceptical about crossbowmen in game until I was forced to use them on one particular map where I struggled finding archer recruits.

Well, it turned out crossbow has its strong sides:. Very strong attack with high after armor damage. Even mercs with 240/240 armor and Battleforged receive around 10-15 HP damage on hit. Where you need your bow hit 4 times to kill the target, crossbow needs only 2 (sometimes even 1). Crossbow (with spec) outperforms Hunting Bow against Brigand Raiders, however for T3 weapons (Warbow and Heavy Crossbow) situation is evened out.

Crossbows show better result against goblins because of their +15% to hit and the fact that they have lower range (goblins have Anticipation which becomes only stronger with range). Core perks Student - this particular build shows its true power at max levels, which is actually makes hard to replace loss of Bounty Hunter.

New recruit will be suboptimal until he hits level 10.Pathfinder - this is my preference. I prefer mobility for my ranged units, also helps with Fatigue when moving.Dodge - I prefer Dodge for that build because Bounty Hunters usually operate at closer range (effectiveness of Anticipation lowers with range) and occasionally end up at melee where Dodge helps a bit.Bullseye - every capable archer should have it - makes your life easier.Crossbow mastery - for 20% more ignore armor damage.Berserk - 4 AP on kill good even for crossbow user, especially if crossbow already loaded at the beginning of the round. Also helps overcome mobility issues crossbowmen have.Killing Frenzy - for even more killing potential.Quick Hands - all hybrid builds are not effective without cabality to quickly switch their weapons. Bounty Hunter is not an exception.Throwing mastery - for more damage from throwing weapons.Duelist - pick it to buff throwing weapons.

Javelins get 65% ignore armor damage with this perk which is almost as good as crossbow bolt. Also helps in close combat situations.Bags and Belts - final pick, allows carrying supply of throwing weapons as well as some utility items.Some words about usage: you start combat by shooting bolts at enemy and with distance closing eventually switch to throwing weapons - with Duelist, Killing Frenzy and Berserk they greatly outperform crossbows. Their only issue is range and ammo supply.

Also even against Undead Crisis these mercs retain their full effectiveness since you can switch to Throwing Axes and do full damage both to HP and armor.This merc below is one of the first mercs I tried to build that way and therefore has suboptimal stat distribution. Core perksBullseye - every capable archer should have it - makes your life easier.Quick Hands - to quicky switch to your polearm. Allows shooting crossbow and then hitting with polearm on the same turn.Anticipation - tried without it and turned out that even heavily armored hybrids are hit too much by enemy archers. Picked it later.Crossbow mastery - for 20% more ignore armor damage.Berserk - good both for crossbow (helps with mobility) and polearm (allowing two attacks per round).Killing Frenzy - for even more killing potential.That's probably it. The rest is up to your choice: you can take mastery perk for your polearm - many do this for axes to allow comfort shield splitting, pick Student for faster leveling or take Battleforged to make your hybrids more resilient.Below is highly successful merc I used in one of my campaigns - he even had more kills than some of my 2handers, but he has beastly talents. Took Recover for him since he often ended Fatigue capped while killing big number of enemies with his axe. That Battleforged probably saved his life - he is now recovering from Man Splitter round swing which hit him to the head leaving only 4 HP.

Builds didn't change much to be honest. And besides I don't play much Battle Brothers nowdays as I used to do. I finished one campaign (around day 130) to test the builds. They are pretty much the same, 2-handers are exactly the same as they were, same applies to shield-bros. Archers and duelists became durable because of Nimble changes. It feels so much safer now - you can forget about one shots from crossbows, no need for Steelbrow and other staff. I didn't have much experience with beasts to propose any new beast-hunter specialist build.

The general idea is:- Apls - fight naked and spread out- Hexen - bring stun weapons (clubs - if they are alone, but they almost never alone)- Schrats - axes and Nimble turned out to be good.- Spiders - well, they are straighforward - remove webs and kill them - in that order.- Unholds - cleavers, axes and swords are your weapon of choice, also need to focus them one by one.