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Armando Montelongo Net Worth: Armando Montelongo is an American real estate businessman and TV personality who has a net worth of $50 million. Armando Montelongo is the founder of the U.S. Real estate investment seminar business, Armando Montelongo Companies, which is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.

In 2011, it was recognized as one of the country's fastest-growing businesses, and the top education company in the U.S. He was considered to be among the top three Hispanic business owners. His free seminars are offered around the world with the goal of pushing the company's three-day workshop and in-person lessons with Montelongo himself. In 2011, the business was the subject of an investigation conducted by the Texas attorney general, which was later settled without Montelongo admitting any wrongdoing. Montelongo is perhaps best known for appearing on the TV show, 'Flip This House', on A&E, which chronicles the purchase, renovation, and sale of a house. He appeared on the show for three seasons and decided to create his own film production company. Armando Montelongo Productions filmed and released its first feature movie, 'Line of Duty', starring Jeremy Ray Valdez and Will Rothhaar, in 2013.

Armando Montelongo, Jr. Currently uses or has used a recommended resource and investing methods taught, unless it is stated otherwise. If you do not want ARMANDO MONTELONGO SEMINARS ® or Armando Montelongo, Jr to be compensated for a recommendation, then we advise that you search online for the item through a non-affiliate link. Armando Montelongo is known as a real estate entrepreneur as well, and a public speaker, who is best recognized for the character played on a famous A&E reality television show entitled Flip This House.

He wrote his first book, 'Flip and Grow Rich', which focuses on both his professional and personal life lessons. Armando has written several books and currently conducts real estate investment seminars around the country. These seminars are said to be attended by 300,000 people per year.

Armando Montelongo himself has claimed that this thanks to these seminars, his personal net worth has topped $200 million.

Armando Montelongo in November 2012
OccupationChief Executive Officer, Armando Montelongo Companies
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Armando Montelongo, Jr. is an American real estate entrepreneur and public speaker, best known for his role on the A&E reality TV show Flip This House.[1] He is the founder of 'Armando Montelongo Companies', which presents real estate investment seminars.[2][3] In 2012, Montelongo established his company headquarters in San Antonio, Texas.[4][5] Montelongo continues investing in real estate while operating his seminar company.[6]



After the first season of Flip This House[7] cast, the second season was recast with Montelongo's team from San Antonio and another from Atlanta. Along with his then-wife Veronica, Brent Holt, and Randy Burch they were known as the San Antonio Team on the A&E show. He was on the show for three seasons.[8]

In 2011, Montelongo formed a film production company, 'Armando Montelongo Productions', to produce a feature film called Line of Duty. Described as an 'urban crime drama', the movie was set and filmed in San Antonio. Line of Duty was written and directed by San Antonio native Bryan Ramirez, and featured Jeremy Ray Valdez, Will Rothhaar, Walter Perez, Joseph Julian Soria, Will Estes, Vivica A. Fox, Fernanda Romero and Jesse Borrego. Montelongo served as the film's executive producer.[9] The estimated $2.5 million-budget film premiered in February 2013, with theatrical release in September and DVD release slated for December 2013.[10][11]


In August 2011, Montelongo was ranked as the No. 2 Hispanic business owner on Inc. 500.[12]

Other businesses

Montelongo moved back to his hometown of San Antonio, Texas, from California in 2001 and launched a career as a real estate investor. He began offering real estate seminars in 2005 and started Armando Montelongo Seminars in 2008. The company's seminars include information on the company's $1,500 three-day workshop as well as for a $25,000 in-person training workshop with Armando Montelongo.[13][14]

In 2011 the seminar company was investigated by Texas' state attorney general's office. Montelongo settled the case with no admission of wrongdoing, and signed an 'Assurance of Voluntary Compliance' outlining 20 conditions that must be met to continue marketing the seminars, including refraining from any false claims and that the seminars are primarily a vehicle to sells goods and services.[15][13][14][16]

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In May 2010, Montelongo sponsored an Indy 500 race car with Conquest Racing. The driver, Mario Romancini, finished 13th, which placed him as the fastest rookie of the year. One year later, he sponsored another car with Conquest Racing, driven by Pippa Mann.[17]

On February 6, 2015, Montelongo was featured on Undercover Boss in which he disguised himself as an electrician, a seminar student, and a call center employee 'to see what keeps his real estate investment company on solid ground' and make sure nothing untoward is going on.[18]


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