Anodyne Surgical

Stacey joined Anodyne Surgical (then PSI/EYE-KO) after graduating from college in 1994. She successfully worked her way up through the organization by performing virtually every position in the company including customer service, marketing & sales, manufacturing, quality control, shipping & receiving and front office administration. She took the reins of leading the company in 2008 and has successfully built the company to where it is today as a leader in disposable ophthalmic instruments for cataract and similar procedures.

She has led Anodyne to be recognized as one of the 2017 ‘Great Game of Business’ Rookie of the Year National finalists. She has been personally recognized as one of St. Louis’ top Woman Owners of a Small Business by the St. Louis Small Business Monthly. Valerie joined Anodyne four years ago and serves as our Director of Regulatory Affairs & Management Representative.


As such, she identifies all applicable United States and International requirements we need to comply with as a medical device manufacturer. Valerie structures and manages the documentation of our Policies, Procedures and Work Process systems which are key to our successful operations as well as demonstrating compliance with FDA requirements our ISO and CE registrations and certification. She is Anodyne’s Management Representative for both internal and external regulatory and compliance activities. Valerie is a key contributor to our Preventative and Corrective Action program. Prior to joining Anodyne, Valerie had 15 years of progressively responsible Quality System and Regulatory experience in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

Address:Anodyne in Nashville125 Cool Springs Blvd. Suite 100Franklin, TN 37067Call: 615-771-8552Fax: 615-771-8520Email:Some of the symptoms anddisorders we treat include:. Headaches.

Anodyne Surgical is a medical device manufacturer specializing in disposable ophthalmic cannulas for cataract surgery. We are a manufacturer and also act as a contract manufacturer, small parts.

Neck Pain (Cervical). Low Back Pain (Lumbar).

Herniated Discs. Bulged Discs. Hip Pain.

Knee Pain. Ankle Pain. Toe Pain. Finger Pain. Elbow Pain.

Arthritis. Peripheral Neuropathy. Vascular Neuropathy.

Sports Injuries. Work Injuries. Auto Accidents. Menopausal Symptoms. Low Testosterone. Low Libido.

We are an Integrated Medical Clinic that is committed to providing our community with the highest quality treatment programs for patients suffering from Acute & Chronic Pain without the use of harmful Opioids or invasive Surgeries. We also offer Wellness programs that help support and maintain your path to a healthy lifestyle by working with your body’s natural processes to ensure optimal performance. Our integrated approach allows providers, from different medical disciplines, to work together in creating a treatment plan which can enhance the overall quality of treatment and optimize patient outcomes.