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Oct 31, 2013  The ending of the game, the whole truth ending. Be sure to watch the cutscene after the credits! This game was a bit buggy, but pretty good nonetheless. I hope that you liked the walkhtough. Is there some sort of Wiki or anything for this game?

. United Kingdom. United StatesLanguageEnglishBudget$180 millionBox office$745 millionThe Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is a 2005 co-written and directed by, based on, the first published and second chronological novel in 's children's epic series,. It was co-produced by and and distributed by., and play, and, four British children evacuated during to the countryside, who find a wardrobe that leads to the of.

There they ally with the lion (voiced by ) against the forces of Jadis, the.The film was released on December 9, 2005, in both Europe and North America to positive reviews and was highly successful at the box office grossing more than $745 million worldwide, making it 2005's third-most-successful film. It won the 2005 for and various other awards. An extended edition was released on December 12, 2006, and was only made available on until January 31, 2007, when it was discontinued. It was the best-selling DVD in North America in 2006 taking in $332.7 million that year.The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was the first of of, and was followed by in 2008 and in 2010.

The three films have grossed over $1.5 billion worldwide among them. Contents.Plot During World War II, the Pevensie children, and, are from a London suburb to Professor 's country home., the strict housekeeper, explains he is unaccustomed to hosting children.While the Pevensies play hide-and-seek, Lucy discovers a wardrobe and enters the called. Seeing a lamppost, Lucy encounters the, who invites her to his home. He puts Lucy to sleep by playing a lullaby on his flute. When Lucy wakes up, she finds Tumnus grieving. He explains that Jadis, the, has cursed Narnia to a hundred years of winter.

If a human is encountered, they are to be brought to her. Tumnus cannot bring himself to kidnap Lucy, so he sends her home.

When she returns to Professor Kirke's house, hardly any time has passed, and her siblings disbelieve her story.One night, Edmund follows Lucy into the wardrobe, entering Narnia. While searching for Lucy, he meets the White Witch, who claims to be queen. She offers him and and the prospect of becoming king if he brings his siblings to her castle.

After she departs, Edmund and Lucy meet again and return. Lucy tells Peter and Susan what happened, but Edmund lies. Professor Kirke suggests she is telling the truth, though they remain unconvinced.While running away from Mrs. Macready after accidentally breaking a window, the four siblings retreat to the wardrobe and enter Narnia, Peter and Susan doing so for the first time. They briefly castigate Edmund for lying and force him to apologize to Lucy. Then, they discover that the Witch has taken Mr. Tumnus, and they meet Mr.

Beaver, who tell them about. According to the beavers, Aslan intends to take control of Narnia from the Witch.

The four must help Aslan; it has been prophesied that if two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve sit in the four thrones, the White Witch's reign will end.Edmund sneaks off to visit the Witch. When he arrives at her castle, she is furious he has not delivered his siblings. The Witch sends wolves to track down the children and the beavers, who barely escape. Edmund is chained in the Witch's dungeon, where he meets Tumnus.

The Witch demands Edmund reveal his siblings' location. After Tumnus claims that Edmund knows nothing, The Witch tells Mr. Tumnus Edmund betrayed him, then turns Tumnus to stone.While Peter, Lucy, Susan, and the beavers travel, they hide from what they believe to be the White Witch. It is really, a sign that the Witch's reign is ending.

Father Christmas gives them weapons to defend themselves. Lucy receives a healing that can heal any injury and a dagger to defend herself. Susan receives a magical horn that will summon help and a bow and quiver full of arrows.

Peter receives a sword and a shield. After evading wolves led by, the group reaches Aslan's camp. Aslan is revealed as a huge and noble lion, who promises to help Edmund.

Later, two wolves ambush Lucy and Susan. When Peter intervenes, Maugrim attacks him, and Peter kills him.

Some of Aslan's troops follow the other wolf to the witch's camp and rescue Edmund. Peter is knighted by Aslan.The White Witch journeys to Aslan's camp and claims Edmund, but Aslan secretly offers to sacrifice himself instead. That night, as Lucy and Susan covertly watch, the White Witch fatally stabs Aslan. In the morning, he is resurrected, citing magic beyond the Witch's understanding. Aslan takes Susan and Lucy to the Witch's castle, where he frees the prisoners she turned to stone. Edmund persuades Peter to lead Aslan's army. While saving Peter from the Witch by destroying her wand, Edmund is mortally wounded.

As the Witch fights Peter, Aslan arrives with reinforcements and kills her. After Edmund is revived by Lucy's cordial, the Pevensies are crowned King Peter the Magnificent, Queen Susan the Gentle, King Edmund the Just, and Queen Lucy the Valiant.Fifteen years later, the Pevensie children, now young adults, chase a white stag through the forest. They encounter the lamppost Lucy saw earlier and suddenly tumble out of the wardrobe at the same time and day they left, becoming children again. Professor Kirke then finds the children, asking why they were in the wardrobe. In a mid-credits scene, Lucy later attempts to return to Narnia via the wardrobe, where Professor Kirke tells her he has tried for many years, and they will probably return to Narnia when they least expect it.Cast. Main articles: andThe soundtrack was composed. Gregson-Williams had previously worked with Adamson on (2001) and (2004).

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In addition there are three original songs in the film; 'Can't Take It In' by, ' by and 'Winter Light'. Lead singer also wrote a song for the film, but it was not included in the soundtrack.The soundtrack was recorded at, London, England, and in Los Angeles, California. Gregson-Williams employed the 75-piece Orchestra, along with a 140-member choir (mostly members of ) and numerous other solo musicians such as electric violinist and vocalist (at his Wavecrest Studio).

He composed the original score and then spent late September through early November 2005 conducting the Hollywood Orchestra and overseeing the recording of the English. For 'colour', he employed instruments used in ancient, and to underscore critical dramatic moments, he added choral textures and, occasionally, a solo voice. The score includes instances of.The soundtrack received two nominations: ' and ' (for 'Wunderkind').also released a compilation soundtrack entitled was released on September 2005. The album features songs by artists, such as,. It released 'Waiting for the World to Fall' by as a single. The album went on to win the Special Event Album of the Year at the.Reception Release On December 7, 2005, the film premiered in London, going on general release the following day.

The film was released December 8, 2005, in the United Kingdom and December 9, 2005, in North America and the rest of Europe.Box office Worldwide, Narnia earned $745,013,115 marking it the. It had a worldwide opening of $107.1 million, marking 's fifth-largest opening worldwide (at the time it was the largest). It is the third-largest movie worldwide among those released in 2005 and it currently still remains the highest-grossing movie of the worldwide, and separately in North America and overseas. Finally, it is also the most successful film of worldwide.

United States and Canada. Hosts a screening of the film at theThe film opened with $23,006,856 in 3,616 on its opening day (Friday, December 9, 2005), averaging $6,363 per location. The film took in a total of $65,556,312 on its opening weekend (December 9–11, 2005), the 24th-best opening weekend at the time (now 54th). It was also Disney's third-largest opening weekend at the time (now the 34th-largest) as well as the second-biggest December opening, behind. It is now fourth following the 2012 opening of, the 2007 release of, and the 2009 release of as well. Additionally, it made the third-largest opening weekend of 2005. It grossed $291,710,957 in total becoming the second-highest-grossing film of 2005 behind.

It surpassed the gross of by only $1.7 million, although the latter grossed $895.9 million worldwide, ahead of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It is the highest-grossing film of the 2005 holiday period, the second-highest-grossing Christian film, the sixth-largest family–children's book adaptation, the ninth-highest-grossing fantasy–live-action film and the 10th-highest-grossing film overall in Disney company history. Finally, it is the largest film of worldwide. Estimates that the film sold over 45 million tickets in North America. Critical reception On, the film has an approval rating of 76% based on 213 reviews, with an average rating of 6.9/10.

The site's critical consensus reads, 'With first-rate special effects and compelling storytelling, this adaptation stays faithful to its source material and will please moviegoers of all ages.' On the film holds an average weighted score of 75 out of 100, based on 39 critics, indicating 'generally favorable reviews'. Reported that audiences gave the film a rare 'A+' grade.Critic also gave the film 3 out of 4 stars. Gave the movie 'Two Thumbs Up'.

Movie critic gave the film 3 out of four stars, calling it, 'an impressive and worthwhile family film,' though he also said, 'it does go on a bit and the special effects are extremely variable.' Duane Dudak of the gave the movie 3 out of 4 stars. Stuart Klawans of said, 'All ticket buyers will get their money's worth.' Elizabeth Weitzman of gave it 4 out of 4 stars and said: 'A generation-spanning journey that feels both comfortingly familiar and excitingly original.' Critic of the listed it as the second best film of the year. Kit Bowen gave the film 3 out of 4 stars.However, John Anderson from, reacted negatively to the film, stating, 'there's a deliberateness, a fastidiousness and a lack of daring and vision that marks the entire operation.'

Accolades The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe won several awards including the; the BeliefNet Film Award for Best Spiritual film; the Movieguide Faith & Values Awards: Most Inspiring Movie of 2005 and Best Family Movie of 2005; and the CAMIE (Character and Morality In Entertainment) Award. Others include the for Makeup and Hair and Orange Rising Star ;; the Phoenix Film Critics Society Award for Best Performance by a Youth in a Lead or Supporting Role (, Female); the Award for Excellence in Fantasy Film (Isis Mussenden); and the for Costumes (Isis Mussenden) and Make-up (, and )., in her performance as Lucy Pevensie earned critical acclaim for her performance.

She won several awards, including the Phoenix Film Critics Society award for Best Actress in a Leading Role and Best Performance by a Youth. She also won other awards either for Best Young Performance or Best Actress in a Leading Role. This section does not any.

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High-Def Digest.External links.

Expecting tons of people to suddenly swarm this section LOL. Anyway, please only write here in case I miss something, okay?So let's start by sections. First outside!!- Turn around and fill the canteen in your inventory with the water of the river.- Near where you are, you will find a small rock on the ground.

You will probably find 3 more around, but you'll be unable to grab more than one.- Left to where you appear, you will find an accumulation of rocks near the river, with flowers. Near them you will find maple leaves. Examine them to obtain an 'INTUITION' and then grab one.(Now let's explain what intuition is. In case you want the 'The Whole Truth' ending, you'll be forced to obtain and combine the necessary ones. Yeah, you can combine them, something the game fails to tell you.

I will tell you when it's possible to do so)- After that, check those rocks. You will be able to move one, move it and you'll find a dirty thing you can grab.

Use it on the river to clean it and obtain a piece of gear.- Now go to the tree you'll probably see from there. Near the bottom you will find a branch. Grab it.- Now head to the door you probably saw just starting with the eye on top. Use a rock on the crystal in the eye (you will get the achievement Vandal) and then use the branch to obtain the second piece of gear.- Now hug the wall and go left from that door and you'll eventually see a small door from there. It's locked with a string. Use the knife in your inventory to cut it. You'll get a piece of string.- Combine the two pieces of gear and use the string you got to tie them together.- Open the door and use the branch on the wall behind the door.- Use the lighter in your inventory to burn the dry branch you'll see.- Use that gear you have with the mechanism that will reveal.- Now go again near the door with the eye on top and press the block left to the door.

You'll open it. Go inside, and welcome to your doom!Please don't write anything unless it's to correct me about something or to tell me if I missed something. After an hour, I will write the next part, so don't ask. Let's try not to add useless comments here so we have a good walkthrough to follow. Woahaha, next part. Let me mention something important first:Events: Basically 'scary' things that happen as time passes, some are just lame while some are quite scary and/or interesting. They're needed for a 100% completion rate, which nets an achievement.

Before going out from each room, make sure you've seem them all, as some will not appear if the house changes, for example. They're triggered by time, so yeah, grab your portable console and let time pass, then move around until it triggers.

Good way to spend time is to grab a game that requires grinding.Anyway, let's start:Old Saw Room:(Best way to wait for the events is the puddle room, left of the entrance, stay on the corner and face the puddle)(Event 1: Some weird smoke will approach you, if it touches you it will flash the screen white and your character will gasp)(Event 2: After some time, you will hear someone knocking. Approach the door with the circle and some smoke will appear from it. The knocking will stop too. This may happen more than once, but only the first one will count.)- Right from where you start, there's a desk. On the top, there's a note. You can check it with right-click, but since you're following this walkthrough, the clue you will find means nothing to you.- Also right from where you start are some shelves.

You will find an oil lamp there. Grab it.- Now go right and you'll find a lit stove. Examine it to hear someone talking. Open its door and use the canteen on the flames. A key will appear. Grab it (if you didn't listen to me when I told you to grab the water from the river, I will tell you where you can obtain the water to turn the fire off). You will also see that you've broken the stove, congrats pal.- Turn around, you will see an old saw.

Go left from it, and you will see some decrepit boards on the ground. Move them until you see a book under them. Grab it (1/16 books) and examine it.- Now in front of you there will be a chair, with a book on top of it (2/16 books). Grab it and read it (1/5 Sabot's Maker Way).

You will also notice a woman is crying behind that door with the circle and eyes. Also do note of the door right of this one, you'll go here after we're done in this room.- Go left and approach the table you'll see. You'll find a sharp blade.

Use the branch on it, you will break the branch but will allow you to grab that blade now.- Right from there, go right and open the door. Examine the pool to hear a voice again (here is the place where you can get water in case you didn't do it outside).- Now return to the door right of the one with the circle and use the key you have to open it. Go inside.Workshop:(Stay in the center and wait for the event. Move around after some time)(Event 3: Some mannequins will appear, praying to the wall. Turn around, then look at them again.)- Go right. You will find a hook and a tool hanging. Grab them both.

The tool will trigger some voices.- Left from that, there will be a hooked blade. Grab it too.- Also grab the axe that you will see, it's impossible to miss.- From there, you'll find a desk. Open the drawer at the right and grab the book (3/16 books).

Examine it for some electrum dust.- Right of the desk, you will find two shelves with lots of wooden shoes. In one you will find a bone hilt, and in the other a book (4/16 books), which will trigger some voices. Also examine the book.- Combine the sharp blade with the bone hilt to obtain a ritual dagger.- You're done here, so GET OUT!!!!!Old Saw Room:(Next events are after the house changes)- Head to the desk and use the tool with the right drawer. Open it and grab the box and the leaves. Use your knife with the leaves and you'll get five.- Head to the puddle and use the axe with those bothersome roots. You will get soft roots.- You'll probably see a light ahead of you. Use your box with it and examine it.- Approach the hole in the wall near the place with the roots and put the hook on the chain you'll see.

Put the lamp on the hook now. Use the lighter on the lamp and put the electrum dust on it.- Use the wheel left to the hole.- Turn around and face the puddle from the place where the roots where. Use the lighter on your ritual dagger, and use that ritual dagger on yourself (you'll see a full body in the inventory, that's your character).

You'll get an INTUITION.(If you've seen all events I told you and some times has passed, most likely the house will change, otherwise that will happen some time later)- Head back to the stove, you should see three drawings on the wall. Check the one on the middle and click it.- A writing on the wall with the stove will appear, you can check it to try to solve the puzzle yourself, or you can read the solution here.- In this room there are three paintings, from left to right, place these leaves (white, golden and bronze).- Go to the room with the puddle. Just entering check the left wall and you'll see a painting, put the black leaf on it (you'll get an INTUITION too)- The wall of the right in this room has the remaining one, put the silver leaf. If that was the last one and all are properly placed, the door with the circle will open and you'll get an INTUITION.- Grab the golden and silver leaves from the paintings. Now open the door with the circle and go in.- You'll most likely notice that statue, check it. Use your knife with the ring she's wearing.

You'll get an INTUITION.- If you check the ring in your inventory you'll get another INTUITION.- Grab the mortar on the table. It comes with a freebie, a pestle.- Now check the wall right to the table, at the bottom there's a lamp oil. It's really hard to see, but it's there.

It's left of the big jar and right of the board.- Now check the lamp in this room. Use the lamp oil on it and use the lighter on it.(IMPORTANT NOTE: SAAAAAAVE BEFORE DOING THE NEXT STEP)- Use the gold and silver leaves with the mortar, and use the pestle on the mortar. You will get more electrum dust.

Use that dust with the lamp, and the darkness will finally go away.- Do not grab the heart yet, only grab the metal bar left of the heart, in that hole on the wall.- Go back to the entrance, and check the ground. You'll see a mini-door locked with a padlock. Use that metal bar with the padlock.- Open the door, and grab the spare parts inside. Use them on the stove.(If you want two achievements, check the door you used to enter the house and GET OUT. One for leaving too early and the other for leaving too early AFTER repairing the stove.

Restart the game after the ending).- Grab the heart. From this point, you cannot longer leave the house. Tough luck, son.(IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT SAVE THEN LOAD (not sure this one) OR GO TO THE WORKSHOP AFTER GRABBING THAT HEART (100% that this one will occur). A BUG WILL OCCUR IN WHICH THE HEART WILL VANISH, MAKING YOU UNABLE TO BEAT THE GAME UNLESS YOU RESET. DO ALL THE STEPS BELOW AND SAVE ONCE YOU GET OUT OF THIS ROOM (aka finish this part of the walkthrough). I HAVE WARNED YOU).- Put the heart inside the stove.

Put the soft roots in the stove. Use the lighter on the roots. BURN THEM ALL!- Some stairs will drop in this room. Check them, and welcome to THE SECOND FLOOOOOOOR!

I also want to use this chance to warn you of numerous things that will await you (bugs and curiousities) in the second floor and more.- From this point, that wood statue of a woman that you found with the ring will start appearing in the second floor (all of it) and the first floor EXCEPT the Old Saw Room. Looking at it and staying close to it for too much time will drain your sanity (left bar in inventory). If the bar is empty, bad ending plus achievement. I do recommend you to do it once for the achievement and to see the ending, as it counts towards the completion rate.- At this new floor there's a door that heads outside.

Go there after saving, and new ending obtained.- If you go around the first room you meet in the second floor, a voice will start talking. WAIT UNTIL IT FINISHES, then continue moving by hugging the walls, starting from the right of that weird painting on the wall.

There's a risk that you'll miss an INTUITION if some dialogue is skipped. I will remain this in the next part, of course, that will be tomorrow.- REALLY IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT HEAD OUT OF THIS ROOM TO THE NEXT ONE OF THIS SECOND FLOOR UNLESS THE HOUSE HAS CHANGED AGAIN. IF YOU DO, AND THE HOUSE CHANGES WHILE IN THE BEDROOMS OF THE SECOND FLOOR, A BUG WILL OCCUR AND YOU'LL BE UNABLE TO GET THE SAVOR'S ACHIEVEMENT. THIS OCCURS 100% OF THE TIMES. I HAVE WARNED YOU.Now then, try to see how far you can go now without needing the next part of the walkthrough, that WILL BE TOMORROW. Second part right here.

Let's note some important points:Woman statue: For now on this bothersome thing will keep appearing continuosly in the entire game, in all the second floor areas and in all the first floor except the Old Saw Room. Looking at her and getting close to her will drain your sanity, which will cause a game over if it drains completely. It also nets an achievement and fills the Ending completion, so I recommend you to at least get it once. In theory, as long as you don't turn around too much, it shouldn't appear behind you, as she cannot appear in front of you, but rarely I've seen it appearing in front of me if you're not looking directly to the place she spawns, so don't truly believe that 100%.Anyway, let's start:Attic:(Best way to wait for events, between the trap door you use to reach the second floor and a weird chair you can check. If you face the chair, the statue will never appear behind you, so you can go afk with no problems. Remember to walk around a little after some time)(Event 1: The statue of the woman will appear near a painting on the wall. Getting close to it from the front will make a pile of rocks appear.

After the event, the house will change)(Event 2: You will suddenly hear a heavy breathing. Turn around for a surprise)(Event 3: You will hear someone whispering to you. And that's it. This event will repeat more than once, so once that happens, that means you got all Events in this area if that's the only thing you're getting)- If you go left after entering the room you will see a weird painting on the wall, and a door at the right. That's the second door that allows you to get out.

Doing so fills the Ending Completion, but obviously ends the game, so you will have to reload.(Next steps are extremely important in order to evade a bug. Do it unless you want to see yourself having to reload a previous save. Also save at this point just in case)- Walk around the room, starting from the right of that painting on the wall, hugging the wall all the time. Don't take anything yet.

Every time somebody starts speaking, stop and wait until they finish. This step is extremely important. You will probably get an INTUITION if you do this.- Once no more dialogue appears, if you go close to that weird painting, you will probably see that statue I mentioned (and if not, turn around or walk to make it appear). Get close to it and an EVENT will unlock. This will make the entire house change, which potentially gets rid of a bug you would encounter if you didn't.(For now on, you should be safe of the bug.

Make a separate save just in case)- You probably saw two masks hanging on the wall while walking. Grab them both.- You probably saw a wardrove while walking around. There's a book inside, grab it and read it.- You also probably saw a completely dirty mirror and another door. Since we have all the objects in this area, time for a next place. Open the door (not the one that allows you to flee)Bedroom:(IMPORTANT NOTE: Just entering this room, open the door in front of you.

Look inside, if you don't see a statue smacking its head to the wall after the house has changed, that means you got a bug. Reload a previous save before the change and try again. Do not go to this area until the house has changed)(Best way to wait for events. There's not really one. Just entering, go to the table on the left, stay near the corner touching the wall and look at the halway. That won't stop the statue from appearing in rare cases, so be careful)(Event 1: Someone will start humming. This event can repeat more than once, and it's your cue that you saw them all if you only get this one)(Event 2: If you are where I said you should be to wait the event, suddenly some weird figure will appear in front of you, at the distance.

This was the trigger event that sent you into madness in the first version of the game)(Event 3: You will start hearing some weird noises, but is not the humming event. If you go to the room in front of the entrance of this area, you will see it's full of blood. Approach the bed, and suddenly the door behind you will close. Face that door, then turn around after that)(Event 4: This even occurs in the fireplace room, so it's better that you find a place to wait there, like any corner of the room while facing the center.

After some time, the whole place will burn. This event DRAINS YOUR SANITY, so if you have low sanity, be careful. And yeah, getting out of this room after the fire starts doesn't help at all)(Event 5: You will hear a baby crying.

Yeah, that's it)- Go to the room in front of you just entering this area. Grab the basin at the floor and the cinders near it.- Use the axe on the mannequin with the mask. Grab the mask that falls.- Left to you is a wardrove.

Grab the hanger inside and check it in your inventory. If you have played other adventure games, you will notice what you have to do with it.- Check the bed for a book, and obviously read it.- Get out of this room and continue through the hallway. Ignore the next door you will find, as it's closed (for now)- Once you are in the big room, check the maple leaves in one of the cradles to obtain an INTUITION. If you didn't grab a maple leaf outside, you can do it now.(Now this is something you can do with those Intuitions. You can combine both maple leaves intuitions to get a new one. However, I recommend you not to do that yet.

I will tell you the best moment to combine them, and any other intuition. Just follow what I said)- In one of the cradles you will find an object. Grab it and check it to obtain baby hair. Also check the two cradles for a comment in that notebook of yours.- Near another cradle you will find some rags on the floor.

Check them and then open the hatch below them. Soon you will see this action was absolutely necessary for later, make sure you don't close it.- Near the fireplace, in the left, you will find a chimney shovel. Grab it.- Go to the shelves of this room and grab a red candle you will find.- Grab the letter on the table and read it. New INTUITION found.

The letter will be placed in the normal inventory, not in documents.- Now that we have a piece of paper and the hanger, it's time to open that locked door. Use the paper on the door, and the hanger on the lock of the door (not the door). Grab the paper and you will have the key. Use it on the lock. It's open.(In this room you should see a door in the top-right corner of this room. If there isn't one, reload an early save, you just hit a bug)- In front of you there will be a chest.

Grab the bag seed inside.- Left from the entrance is a desk, grab the whetstone.- Right from the entrance is a wardrove, open it and grab the black dress inside.- The shelves on the right have a book, grab it and read it.- The left nightstand has a (worthless) jug. Grab it.- Now it's time to use the masks.

Use the Assassin's Mask on yourself and look at the left wall of this room. You will get an INTUITION. You may want to use the mask again to take it off, unless you enjoy seeing the world red.(Those masks usually only add new visual things to the place, but sometimes it's necessary to wear them to advance, and I will tell you when.

If you want, you can use the Mask of Truth too to see steps on the floor of this room and that you can see the sky if you look above)- You've done everything you could do in the second floor at this moment. It's time to go to the first floor again for a new surprise. Return back to the first floor.And this is where it ends this part. I will put the next part a lot later. You can take a break in the Old Saw Room now, the woman statue won't appear here. However, she will appear in the Workshop, so be careful there, as it's a small room. Now then, next part of the walkthrough.

As always, special notes:Note: Beware of the workshop. The woman statue tends to spam a lot there, and it's a small place too. Don't move the view too much, or else you may force her to appear behind you. If she appears (tends to appear near the walls) quickly run to an opposite corner and turn your back to her and wait 10 seconds, then look if she's gone.

If you're not careful, you may start to carelessly drop your sanity. Fortunately, the Old Saw Room is free of the witch, so use this chance to rest until you have to go to the workshop because I will make you do that:)Anyway, let's start!Old Saw Room:(Event 1: You will start to hear some weird screams. They come from the room in which you got the heart. Go inside to see the weirdest thing so far in this house. Get close to it)(Event 2: Some pillars will appear near the entrance of the house. Get close to them to trigger the event. It DRAINS SANITY, so watch out.

And I think this events drains your sanity a lot, because I had it quite full and suddenly I lost half, so be extremely careful here. If you have low sanity, you may want to use the exploit below, mentioned in the workshop)(Event 3: A message will appear on the wall near the stairs that head to the second floor saying 'I won't save you again'. Creepy)(Event 4.sorry guys, I don't know what happened. It got me from behind. I only know it made the screen flash white for a moment, and the character gasped)(Event 5: You will hear a more annoying sound that Event 1.

Head to the stove to see hands coming out from a fire. It DRAINS SANITY)(Event 6: You will hear a big weird voice. This most likely is the event that marks the end of the One-Time-Only events, so if you got this, you're done with this room)- Just starting, you will probably face the entrance of the house, which has a human figure form drawn on it now. Check the door for an INTUITION.- If you head towards the stove, you will see that the hearts has burnt out.

Grab the ashes inside the stove.- Now if you remember before you went to the second floor there were some painting you had to put leaves on them to open a door. They have been replaced by hands holding a tablet. Go grab the 5 of them, starting first in this room and then heading to the puddle.- Now that you're in the puddle room, you will probably find on the wall with the entrance to this room a painting mentioning something.

In case you don't get it, toss the bag of seeds to the water, and see the miracle of nature at work.- Time to go inside the room that had the heart in it. Just right is the shelf.

Grab the book in it and read it, and also grab the gray statue in it. There's something in it.- You will also notice some circle surrounded by hands in this room. Put the red candle on it then use the lighter on the candle. For now you don't need to do anything more.- Now to the workshop. Make sure to save, sanity can drain fast if you're not careful.Workshop:(Event 1: an annoying sound will start.

If you're wearing the mask of truth, you will see the head of the wall has been covered by a certain head you saw in the first game. After getting close to it, look around to see more of them covering the walls. This event DRAINS SANITY)(Event 2: you will hear a sound of hammering something, aka repeatable event that indicates you're done here)- Time to make use of the clamp on the left side of the desk in front of you. Use it once, put the whetstone on it and use the hooked blade on the whetstone.- Once you're done, return the hooked blade to the place where you grabbed it and use the mask you got from that mannequin in the bedroom with the hooked blade. Grab the mask.

Don't wear it, as it DRAINS SANITY.- Now return to that clamp and this time put the gray statue on the clamp, then use the tool on it. Grab the pearl inside.- Now wear the Mask of Truth if you didn't before. You will notice a head and two hands will appear on a wall. Check them for clues as to what object you have to offer to each of them. I will refer to the hands by the name it appears if you put the mouse on it.(Exploit: Continuously check the left hand to recover sanity. Will probably change in future patches)- Now you're done here.

Get out.- Head to where you put the candle before, and use the pearl in the red wax. Now you have the heart inside the wooden statue covered in blood.

No need to go back to the workshop, we will go when you've gathered everything.- Now it's time to head back to the second floor. Yaaaaaay no.And end of the walkthrough. Tomorrow the last part. I hope you can win the game from this point at least. If not tomorrow salvation will come.