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Watch this step-by-step Video Walkthrough Playlist All Parts - which will help and guide you through each and every level part of this game, The Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe for the PC Sat, 27 Aug 2016 01:37:18 Game Video Walkthroughs. Inspired by Daniel Defoe’s classic masterpiece, Adventures of Robinson Crusoe is a story of a man who survives a terrible shipwreck and finds himself cast away on an island in the Caribbean. In this incredible hidden object adventure that spans over 28 years, help Robinson explore the island, fight with cannibals.

the main character of the story, he is a rebellious youth with an inexplicable need to travel. Because of this need, he brings misfortune on himself and is left to fend for himself in a primitive land. The novel essentially chronicles his mental and spiritual development as a result of his isolation. He is a contradictory character; at the same time he is practical ingenuity and immature decisiveness.


a friend/servant of Crusoe's, he also escapes from the Moors. A simple youth who is dedicated to Crusoe, he is admirable for his willingness to stand by the narrator. However, he does not think for himself.


another friend/servant of Crusoe's, he spends a number of years on the island with the main character, who saves him from cannibalistic death. Friday is basically Crusoe's protege, a living example of religious justification of the slavery relationship between the two men. His eagerness to be redone in the European image is supposed to convey that this image is indeed the right one.

Crusoe's father

although he appears only briefly in the beginning, he embodies the theme of the merits of Protestant, middle-class living. It is his teachings from which Crusoe is running, with poor success.

Crusoe's mother

one of the few female figures, she fully supports her husband and will not let Crusoe go on a voyage.

Moorish patron

Crusoe's slave master, he allows for a role reversal of white men as slaves. He apparently is not too swift, however, in that he basically hands Crusoe an escape opportunity.

Portuguese sea captain

one of the kindest figures in the book, he is an honest man who embodies all the Christian ideals. Everyone is supposed to admire him for his extreme generosity to the narrator. He almost takes the place of Crusoe's father.


one of the prisoners saved by Crusoe, it is interesting to note that he is treated with much more respect in Crusoe's mind than any of the colored peoples with whom Crusoe is in contact.

Captured sea captain

he is an ideal soldier, the intersection between civilized European and savage white man. Crusoe's support of his fight reveals that the narrator no longer has purely religious motivations.


she is goodness personified, and keeps Crusoe's money safe for him. She is in some way a foil to his mother, who does not support him at all.


the cannibals from across the way, they represent the threat to Crusoe's religious and moral convictions, as well as his safety. He must conquer them before returning to his own world.


they help Xury and Crusoe when they land on their island, and exist in stark contrast to the savages.

Traitorous crew members

they are an example of white men who do not heed God; they are white savages.

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Based on the Defoe classic, Adventures of Robinson Crusoe is a game that straddles the now-familiar gap between hidden object and adventure genres. Young Robinson Crusoe was born to a merchant in the mid 1600s, but his heart belonged to the sea. After years of traveling the oceans, a storm ravages his vessel, stranding him on a deserted beach. His ship seems mostly intact, so Crusoe boards it in the hopes of finding food, supplies, and any surviving shipmates. It's your job to help the boy stay alive and repair the ship so he can find his way home.

Gameplay consists of the standard list of items alongside scenes filled with objects, your lone cursor tasked with hunting down the missing items. There are also a number of mini-games to be found (many of which can be skipped) along with some light inventory puzzles. Some scenes begin with a surprisingly fun 'generic' item hunt where you are given goals such as 'find all the mousetraps' or 'locate 15 starfish'. For some reason this out-of-the-norm thinking really livened up the game.

Each scene contains a number of sparkling hotspots that represent puzzles to be solved (which usually relate to blue items in your list) or sub-scenes you can explore. The first of these puzzles requests you find a 'black seagull', though the only seagull on the screen is white. The solution? Grab a stick leaning against the ship, rub it inside the cannon to cover it in powder, then use it on the seagull to turn it black. Most inventory puzzles aren't as creative, but this one really sets the tone to get your mind wandering in later levels.

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One nice inclusion in this game is the ability to play in one of two modes: Relaxed or Survivor. The former offers time-unlimited play and supplies you with ten hints to help you find those impossible items. Survivor mode cuts the hint roster down and times your game, but it really doesn't add to the challenge that much. Stick with Relaxed unless you really want to race against the clock.

Analysis: When you base your casual game on a classic tale, you'd better get at least two things right: story, and atmosphere. Adventures of Robinson Crusoe happens to do just that, providing ample audio and visual appeal while delivering a rather faithful interpretation of the Defoe novel that will delight fans of the book without alienating anyone who hasn't read it.

On the down side of things, Adventures of Robinson Crusoe is a rather short game, consisting of six chapters that will take you just over half as many hours to complete. The locations are varied, including a forest, temple, swamp and more, but you'll blaze through at such a speed you'll barely have time to take in the scenery.

A great story, engaging puzzles, and a delicious setting, Adventures of Robinson Crusoe delivers a superb hidden object experience.

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