A Vampyre Story

There are probably people buying their fix of hazelnut gelato on the corner downstairs who are wondering why it sounds like a legion of zombies has taken over my apartment. It's like the groan that never ended up here thanks to. Am I just cranky, or does this game manage to slow the laughter tap to a sticky drip of 'Uhhhhhhhhgngngnnn?' Call me jaded, but needing a bird to crap on a stubborn gargoyle is just not my kind of plot hinge (even if you get to feed him corpse jerky, which is sort of amusing). But let's back up-we're on a PC adventure! Mona's husband, named Shroudy, has been recently staked through the heart.

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The biggest culprit that holds A Vampyre Story from being even more enjoyable is the voice-acting of Mona – it’s unpleasant on the ears. If, and when, the next episode in this story occurs, I.

She's been aching to return to her native Paris, but has been held prisoner by 'Mr. Short, Pale, and Stupid' up to this point. (Chalk that quip up to the wisecracking bat sidekick, Froderick, who is more often than not less wise than you might enjoy.) Mona's looking pretty vampiric herself, especially judging by her hunger for O+ 'Merlot,' but she's still pretty eager to bust out of the island castle. Unfortunately, even after her hubby bites it (Ha! This is the problem with bad humor - I'm incorrigible, myself) there are other challenges to surmount, like locked doors and g-g-ghosts.If+I+said+you+had+a+nice+cor.