4 Elements Ii Level 49

Welcome to the walkthrough for the iOS game 4 Elements II, if you are looking for ways to make it to the next level, and to. The 4 Elements II Walkthrough is a detailed strategy guide to help you if you are stuck.

I hope you will write directly to Playrix Entertainment and let them know how you feel. Maybe if more people write to them they will do something.When we buy games we shouldn't only get to play part of it. We pay for the whole game. No one could tell by the 1 hour demo what was lurking for us in level 63.It's almost like some really nice game developer created levels 1 through 62 then his EVIL TWIN took over and created the last two levels. I hope the nice game developer realizes what his EVIL TWIN has done and he will release an updated version of the game. I couldn't agree more with your thoughts.

I have played many frustrating games, but those last 2 levels take top position in that category. They are the absolute worst designs I have ever seen for a casual game. The designers are punishing a player for doing well by frustrating the utter??# out of players.

Other wise, I have enjoyed the game very much. So much so, I played all the way through level 63 in one sitting.

Nearly 12 hours. Don't get me wrong, I love a good challenge. But those last 2 levels went way beyond a 'challenge'. There is nothing fun about them, just frustrations, and I will be very wary of buying another game from those designers. There is nothing more frustrating than getting all the way to the end of a game, and not being able to finish it!Nuff said!DonEdited on at 1:34:36 PM PST.

I made it through the first 63 levels so far. I understand how to get through them, it's the fast pace that's a killer. I do think the scene moves too fast in level 64. I have filled up my bomb (red) power up a couple times, but fell short on the spade (green) one. My hands/wrists are stiff a lot of the time and I just can't move that fast. I guess I will have to have hubby get me through the first part on level 64 since he is a fast clicker.The developers need to realize that their buyers are not all 18 years old! I have 2 suggestions on how to first get the water flowing on level 64.

As others have pointed out it is necessary to get both the bomb (red) and spade (green) power ups before the screen stops moving. If you do not have them you should immediately restart until you get them.Firstly you might press the escape key which pauses the action until you press resume. This may enable you to plan your path somewhat even though you may not be able to see through the pause action part of the display which appears. You can continue to do this on your way through. The bomb powerup is used first through the stones when the action stops and then the spade power up.

Sniper ghost warrior contracts bounties Altai Mountains is the first large location in Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts. You will visit it after the training stage. Also, you will have to eliminate some real targets in this location. There are a total of 5 quests to complete here, 6 challenges, 6 collectible items to find and 2 Bounty missions.

This will start the water flowing.Secondly you may get one of your nimble fingered children or grandchildren to get those power ups for you. Once you get them you should be able to get through the rest of the level even though it is quite long. The timer is slowed down enough that if you managed to get to the turtle level, you will be able to get through this level as well.All in all I found this a most enjoyable game and I am already on my third time through.Edited on at 5:49:22 AM PST. Efagin wrote:Just in case I am not the only dummy out here I want to share something I figured out that makes 63 more doable (can't say that about 64 because I am SO stuck). If you hold the left click down - then just release it on the last tile, instead of clicking on each tile - you can pick up some speed. But apparently not enough for me to get through level 64.

This game should come with those wrist support bands. But other than that have totally loved the game.You mean you have been clicking each tile all this time? If that's what everyone is doing, no wonder they are getting frustrated. I do the hold & release through the whole game.btw.

Almost done with my 2nd go with this game. It's so much easier the 2nd time around. Dancan2 wrote:I finished lvl 63 after about he 100 or so trys.

But I find level 64 comepletly undoable. I have a fast system and the game runs fast.I never complete most games unless im hooked on one like this. Castleville legends app. I find it dissapointing to not be able to finish it.When Big Fish releases the new version you should be able to finish level 64. Playrix changed level 64 to make it a lot easier to get the shovel and bomb you need for the first barrier. I got the revised version from Playrix on October 1st and played through 64 in one try.

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4 Elements Ii Level 49

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